Wednesday, June 20, 2012

St. Andrew's Sprint Tri.....

On Sunday one of my running bestie competed in the St. Andrew's Sprint Triathlon!  I have never been to one of these events but a lot of my friends have been telling me for a while that I would love a triathlon.  They were right this was so inspiring to watch and I think I may have to think about this for the future!  Dawn did amazing...She finished in 1:24 and got 1st in her age group!!!

Dawn is my tri idol!  She totally rock this race and finished so strong!  Dawn has come so far over the past few years and has overcome injuries and is killing all the races she does.  She is such a strong swimmer/cyclist/runner and I definitely know she has way more in the tank to give!   One of the million things I love about Dawn is that she is always the voice of reason.  She firmly believes in the importance of recovery, rest and cross training.  And I have to say she is definitely on to something and seeing how much she has accomplished I am following in her footsteps!

When I am not in a training cycle I tend to go a little crazy and just want to over do my workouts.  I am realizing this recovery time is meant for my body to heal and regroup so that I can come back a lot stronger.  It has taken me quite some time and now this past injury to realize this but it has finally click in my brain!   Quick learner I am...NOT!

My favorite part of the tri was watching the cyclist and all the different techniques to their ride.  And there were some cool helmets!!  So I think maybe I will be drinking the kool-aid and adding a tri to my schedule for next year.  We shall see...

Anyone else considering a tri?

Happy Running!


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