Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Running, Running, Running...

This past week I made a lot of forward progress in my recovery.  I am working with an amazing PT who not only looks at the "pain" and injury but also where and what might be causing the imbalance.  Since I have started correcting some weak areas my feet have improved greatly.  I think it is pretty amazing how the body compensates for other areas and where the actually injury is may not be where the weakness is!  I have learned a lot from this injury and one huge thing I am working on is not "over doing it" with my training.  I also learned the importance of rest and allowing the body to recover.

This past week of workout:

Tuesday: 23 mile hilly bike ride plus some weight lifting with Dawn and Angel.

Wednesday: MY 1st FULL BODY WEIGHT RUN IN 9 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I did 4.25 miles and took it nice and slow just to see if anything acted up.

Thursday: 13.5 killer miles on the bike and weight lifting ( shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs )

Thursday PT: 3 miles in 21 minutes

Friday: Traveled to the beach and enjoyed my rest day!

Saturday:  5 beautiful miles in 37:00 the ran walked 3.5 back home.

Sunday: Rode 18.2 torturous miles!

Monday: Ran 6 miles but broke it down into 2 mile repeats with 3 minutes walking recovery in between.

This week has been pretty reassuring and I am now starting to get excited to what my running future holds!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Happy Running!