Friday, June 8, 2012


This week has been so crazy!  I have had a lot of PT and I am happy to report I am making progress.  My previous physical therapist moved to another location so I started with Eric.  I was very nervous about the change because I really liked my other guy.   But Eric is awesome and really pushes to make you better!  He killed my plantar and worked out all the kinks.  He also introduce me to my new favorite piece of equipment:

OMG!!  This is amazing.  It is called the Foot Log and if you have plantar fasciitis this is a must have.  It gets right into the arch of the foot and works out all the tightness.  They are about $20 but easy to take with you everywhere!  I am a fan.

I am now running at 80% of my body weight on the Alter-G and everything felt great.  I was able to do 3.5 miles in 26 mins and had no pain.  I have really thought about "sneaking runs" but I have come to realize that by doing so I will not get to where I want to be.  This coming year I have big goals for myself and I am taking this time to get my body into the best shape to get me to my goals.

Running is my FAVORITE thing but just like anything in life too much of it can lead to issues.  I have had to learn this the hard way.  I feel like I have the right people working with me and we all agree on my goals and are working to get there.

I went to my favorite store and chatted with owner for a while about shoes and injuries.  I get so excited to go to Delaware Running Company and feel like a kid in a toy store!!

I tried on about 6 pair of shoes and it was down to 2 pair.  I took both for a jog and decided on Saucony.  I use to run in these shoes last year and really liked them but switched to another brand.   But for now this is what I am sticking with until I am back to my runner self!

What shoes do you run in?

Happy Running!

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