Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why I love to run!

Well today I started out not really feeling up to par and was dreading my tempo run.  My muscles were pretty sore from TRX and mentally I was feeling drained.  I got my two little guys off to their school, went to mass, then headed to the Glasgow Park.  When I first started my "marathoning" about 4 years ago I would always run at this park.  It is a great place and very safe.  Although when you get into higher mileage it can become very boring!  There is a 2.6 mile loop around the whole park with the option of running a MASSIVE hill towards the end.



I started out with just telling myself get around the park once and then I could decide if I wanted to do the full 8 miles on my plan.  Well the first 2.6 flew by and I felt great!  I ended my run with the full 8 miles in 58 minutes and felt so refreshed and proud.  Every mile I reminded myself how blessed I am to be able to run and just enjoy the 60 degree weather we had here today!!  My lesson was definitely learned today....Never give up!

After picking up my boys from school we headed out for some scooter racing and lacrosse action!!  I start coaching my lacrosse team next week and am gearing up for some fun drills and conditioning.  Can't wait! 

Any fellow lacrosse players out there?  If so what is your favorite drill or skill to work on?

Happy running!


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