Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TRX Tuesday!

So today is my TRX class and cross training day.   I just got off from work after working 11pm to 7:30 am and I have to say I was dragging a little going into class.  Thank goodness I have such an amazing bunch of women and 1 equally amazing man in my class (poor guy).  Some days I think our trainer is trying to make us barf or kill us!  Todays class was a doozy...We always start out with a quick total body warm up then head right into work mode.  Our new goal for this session is to increase our number of atomic push-ups weekly.  We did a set last week and whatever number we did we had to beat that this week.  My number was 28 atomics in 1 minute so this week i did 30!  She worked every muscle group in the standing position using the straps and some free weights then we did a cardio burst/ball toss segment then she worked every muscle group with us on the floor!!  Lets just say I was super sweaty and shaky after class.  Ouch!   

I love how TRX has strengthened my core and is a great cross training tool!  I started taking class about 3 years ago and definitely feel it does help with targeting muscles I normally wouldn't from just weight lifting alone.  And I get to take class with all my best workout buddies...Bonus!

Does anyone take TRX?  What are your favorite moves?

Happy Running!

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