Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Runday

This week is a lower mileage week for me since last weekend my long run was a 22 miler.  This weekend is also my weekend to work so I am coming off two night shifts and little sleep.  I had a 8 miler on my plan and decided to take it inside on the treadmill today.  Some days when I am tired and don't want to worry about my surroundings I prefer to run on the mill.   I took the first 5 miles a little slower ( 7.3-8.2 ) with some hills ( .5-3.0% ) then the last 3.5 miles were much faster and flat.  My last two miles were 6:39 and 6:30!  I felt great and was pleased with my decision to run on the mill.  

Being a nurse sometimes I feel like I know too much and can get myself worried over things that otherwise wouldn't matter.  Lately I have been noticing that my lips turn a slight shade of blue after I finish my hard runs, if I am cold, or if I eat a full meal.   My resting pulse usually runs between 38-42 bpm and has for years.  I am asymptomatic and haven't experience any problems but now I am wondering what others resting pulses are and if I should be concerned.   So on my run today I also focused on my heart rate.  At my max incline my HR was 142 and at my max speed my HR was 145.   As soon as I reached my cool down pace my HR dropped to 78.  I usually don't wear my heart monitor but I am thinking I am going to start to more often just to see where I range.

Does you heart rate/zone train?  What type of monitor do you use? What is your resting pulse?

Happy Running!

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