Thursday, February 23, 2012

Running on little sleep

I am a labor and delivery RN and work midnight shift (11pm to 7:30am).  I try to work most of my shifts on the weekend but I also work 2-3 shifts during the week sometimes.  Last night was one of those nights!  As you can imagine it can be pretty hectic and busy in baby land!! Thank goodness for my amazing co-workers and my love of my job. 

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 Thank goodness my hubby was able to hang with my 4 year old for a few hours before he had to go to work so that I could sleep!  I find that if I can get 3 solid hours of sleep I am good to go but anything less and I am a zombie!  So after I woke up and hand my "wake me up: coffee it was it was school pick up time from school for my 7 year old!  I had a 6 mile speedwork on tap today and just 60 minutes to fit it in.  I have been alternating two pair of running shoes recently and chose my Brooks pureconnect for speed today.  Problem was my socks must have shrunk or lost elasticity because they kept slipping down and my sneaks were rubbing my ankles!  I finished the 6 miles of Yasso's but noticed my ankles were bleeding!  So those socks immediately went into the trash!!  I think it is time to refresh my running sock collection!

Time to head out for my 1st Lacrosse meeting of the 2012 season! 

What type/brand or running socks do you wear??

Happy Running!

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