Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Round-Up and Photo Dump

Ok so there are 2 weeks left until my little men go back to school and I gain some routine and normalcy back!  But this first week of official MCM marathon training has gone pretty well so far! 

I took my first TRX class in over a year and was shocked how strong I felt throughout the whole class!  My buddy Josh is the instructor and he is amazing...He works with a lot of collegiate athletes and I feel he really focuses his class towards that!  I think I need to add this back into my cross training program.

I had a long sloooooow distance run that I really forced myself to keep the first 10 miles at a slower pace...then really push hard the last 4.25 miles!  So I ended that run with 14.25 miles in 1:48 and so change with an average pace of 7:34.  I felt great and really could have kept going but I am really trying to train smart and with a purpose this time around!

I worked a bunch of midnight shifts and had a rest day in there too...

I don't know about you but the weather has been GORGEOUS here in Delaware...So I took full advantage of it on Sunday and went out to the park and ran 5.25 miles in just under 37 minutes...My plan was to go slow and then do some hill repeats but once I started it felt so good I just zoomed around the park twice!  There was a youth football team running hill repeats also so this old lady joined in beside them and did 8 hills repeats with .30 mile recovery run between repeat!  It felt amazing and reaffirmed my love for hills!
One side
 Why do hills not look as big in pictures?

This was definitely a Mezamashii run for sure and I loved every second of it!

I also had a speed work session this week that felt pretty good... I am still learning to love the speed!
So this is how it went.... started with a nice slow warm up for 10 minutes then I did 5 x 400 meter repeats with 60-90 seconds of recovery between each one and repeated this series 3 times!  At first it felt great and I wanted to push the speed but knowing how many I had to do I decided to wait until the last set to really kick it overall mileage for this run was 10 miles in 71:03. 
A new thing I have added to my training is form drills!!!  I had never done any of these drills before and figure they cannot hurt my training.  I met up with a track coach at the Y and he walked me through a series of drills...My goodness I felt uncoordinated!!  Once I got comfortable it was smooth sailing!  I really have to be good and keep up with these for sure.
Blah that was a lot to recap...We are heading up to NYC for an amazing wedding this weekend and I am beyond excited for it! Since I have runners toes I had to make an emergency nail salon stop tonight:

The people at the nail salon are true miracle workers!!
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend... is anyone racing this weekend?? 
Happy Running!

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