Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MCM training and New Goals

So I officially started my MCM ( Marine Corps Marathon ) training this week and am very excited for this training cycle.  This week has been a little bit of a challenge coming off of a 5 day stretch of midnight shifts and minimal sleep...but Sunday I had planned for 18 miles...Well,  I had planned to do this run outside but pouring rain forced me inside on the TM and our Y closes at 6pm on the weekend in the summertime ( a big issue of mine ) so I mentally was already defeated.  Physically I felt heavy and slow...I told myself just get to the half way mark and see how I felt.

Mile 1 warm-up pace @ 8:20
Mile 2 8:00
Mile 3 7:47
Mile 4 7:30
Mile 5 7:23
Mile 6 7:23
Mile 7 7:19
Mile 8 7:19
Mile 9 7:30

I just wasn't feeling it and was tense the whole time and knowing I still had one more shift to work wasn't helping things.  So I called it quits and decided to switch up my long run day.

Monday's weather was perfect for running and I had a window of free time so I laced up my Mizuno Wave Riders, swung by Angel's house and set out for a nice Garmin free run! 

I really wanted to get in a double digit run especially after my not so stellar 18 mile attempt....Angel offered to drive me out some water so I took her up on the offer at mile 7-8...I finished with 10 miles and the last 2 felt great!  TMI alert:   When your pee is the amount of a teaspoon and tea colored ( brown ) you need to DRINK more water!  Oops!!  This is a total rookie mistake and I know better but live and learn right?!  Thank God for Angel! 

Monday also kicked off MOT football season and tryouts!  So proud of Chase and I cannot wait to see how he grows and develops this football season...I am totally a football mom for sure!

I had planned to take Tuesday as a recovery day but decided to do the stair machine for some stress relief and interval training...My gosh I sweat like a man when I am on this machine!!!  I also made sure to do my PT exercises and core work.... We spent the day at the pool with some of our favorite people:

Summer fun!!

Today I had an great meeting with an amazing running coach who I have so much respect for!   This made me even more determined and excited to train for MCM.  I have always been the type of runner who has just went out and ran....I sometimes set goals but they are goals that are really truly not challenging for me.  I want to step out of my comfort zone and really push myself this time and see what I can do...With his help I am sure I can do this...Hopefully! 

I tend to be my biggest critic and enemy...It is now time to change that!!

My workout today was a quick 9 miles

Mile 1 8:20
Mile 2 8:06
Mile 3 7:41
Mile 5 7:35
Mile 6 7:30
Mile 7 7:23
Mile 8 7:19
Mile 9 7:19

This run felt fluent and way better then my past 2 runs!  Yay!!  Some core work and major stretching afterward.

Anyone else running MCM? 

Anyone ever work with a running coach?


  1. So happy youve decided to go with a coach and see what those legs can really do!!