Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Double 5k, a Long Run, and Costco

This weekend after hanging out and staying up way to late on Friday night I was not about to get up to run a local 5k on Saturday morning....I really should have went since my running club was hosting the event but we were kid-free and sleep was way more important!  So when I finally did get up and drank my coffee I decided to go out for a "run for one" 5k.   I started with a warm up 3.1 miles in 22:34 then I stretched, got a drink and then pushed myself for another 3.1 in 19:57!!!!  I apologize if I scared anyone at Glasgow Park zipping around the track! 

We had another awesome get together with my hubby's softball team and enjoyed a crab feast!  I forgot to take pics since my hands were covered in old bay!!

Sunday I had my first 20+ mile run of my MCM training cycle...I have to be honest I was very nervous about this run!  My friend/coach had told me to keep this on the slower end and to not worry about my time but focus on getting the miles on my legs ( this is a hard thing for me to do )!   I met up with Dawn and Angel and we trotted through Middletown...I ran 2 miles before we started and then ran 13ish miles with the girls.   Then they headed back home and I logged the rest of my miles...Thank God Angel hopped on her bike and rode out to keep me in check for the last 5 miles.   She also brought me some Nuun hydration to drink and made sure I didn't dip down too low!  I ended with 21 miles in 2:54 and am very happy with this!  It also helped that Greg ( Angel's hubby ) made us fresh omelets when we finished!!  I made sure to stretch, foam roll and ice when I got home. 

The rest of the day was spend shopping at Costco... I am in love with this new shirt:

  I love the cut of this shirt/jacket and the fact that it has thumb holes is amazing!!  Plus it was only $16.99!  Can't beat that deal.  My mom also bought me the pink and blue one...YAY!

Then it was back to the grind at work and minimal sleep... at least Monday was a rest day!

Tuesday I had planned to head out for 8 miles but cut it short at 6.5 miles in just under 49 minutes.   My legs were heavy and I do not think I was fully recovered from my long run... So I took my little men to the pool and we enjoy one of our last pool days of the summer!   The pool water was nice and refreshing on my tired legs. 

The "old runner me" would have forced myself to push through and finish the 8 miles but I am very happy with my decision to recover and regroup...Maturing I tell ya!

Anyone else sad their little ones are going back to school?

Happy Running!

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