Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where did the week go...NYC, Beach, and More!

We had such a blast last weekend in New York and the wedding was AMAZING!!!  My hubby and I explored the city,  ate delicious food, enjoyed the sights and beautiful weather before getting ready for the wedding:
 Yup this was a pretty impressive ( or not so impressive ) sight

Followed by this one!
 This sandwich was fabulous and totally hit the spot!  YUMMMMM!

 See I do own "real people" clothes and not just tech gear and compression!

Dancing in these babies = cross training at it's finest!

And my HOT date... We had the best night and are so happy we were able to share in Michael and Lindsay's big day!

Our super awesome friends and by far the best dancers in the place!!

 Being in NY made me really want to do the NYC I will be adding that to my list of future races for sure.

Monday I had a 16 mile run planned but had to break it up into 2 separate runs since my little guys were with me.  My first 10 miles I kept the pace on the slower end and had to do it on the Y treadmill ( 10 miles in 1 hour 20 mins with and average pace of 8 min/mile ).  Since my oldest son has started football practice I was able to run my last part of the run outside.... I planned on 6 miles but that turned into 8 miles in just under 56 minutes ( average pace 6:59 min/mile )!  I was very happy with how this turned out and how I felt but I prefer to do all my miles at one time.  This is how you know you had a good FAST run...Bugs plastered to you chest/neck and face like a windshield!!

Tuesday:  Recovery run of  3.2 miles in 23 minutes average pace 7:14 ... plus core and back work. 
 My little guy wanted to go to the track while my oldest son and hubby had football practice so I agreed to do a little speedwork.   Well... my little man pushed me a lot harder then I would have pushed myself!!  He rode his scooter and heckled me the whole time so I had to show him how awesome his mommy is....2.75 miles in 18:58 average pace 6:47...Thank God he had to take a potty break on the final lap because I wanted to puke!

 After football practice we drove down to the beach for a few days of fun in the sun! 
Angel and her crew came down and we had so much fun...the kids all had the best time playing on the beach, at the bay and at North Side Park!  I was able to squeeze in a nice cool,  crisp 10 mile progression run before the kids even woke up....I did 9 miles in 68:41 then a mile cool down at the end.  The weather was perfect for running but a little cool for a bikini on the beach.
I am really going to miss all of our summer fun when these little ones go back to school. 

Friday was a rest day but I crossed trained again in these bad boys:
We had a benefit dinner for the Papiro Family Night For Sight with a bunch of our friends at the Chesapeake Inn.  This is such a great event and supports an amazing cause!  Our friends have two adorable little boys who were born with Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA)....this event supports the Foundation for Retinal Research and will help children to be able to see!!!   If you are interested in learning more or donating please click the link!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and last few weeks of summer!

Happy Running!


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