Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cutback Week...

Since last week was my first 60+ mile week in a while this week is a cutback week!  I focused on speed and form verses mileage. 

Wednesday:  Speed work... 3 mile w/u in 23:02 then 6 x 800 meter repeats
                                             3:02, 3:03, 3:05, 3:08, 3:06, 3:09
                                             400 meter recovery jog/walk in between each one
                                             2.75 mile cool down in 20:05
Total of 10 miles in 73 minutes

This one worked me!!  I was very tired and sweaty after this run and surprised how much I felt like I wanted to barf!!

Thursday:  Weight Training day......Legs still felt heavy but I know lifting will make me stronger.  Squats, lunges, deadlifts, Sumo squats, hamstring curls and hip raises...each exercise x 4 with 12 reps.  I also worked out my back and abs!  Lifting really makes me feel much better when I am finished! 

Followed this lifting session with some Costco cross training and school shoe shopping at the mall!

Friday:  Tempo/Progression Run... I woke up feeling like this run wasn't going to be so great but I laced up anyway and let my Mizuno Wave Sayanora's carry me!  Started off slow then increased my pace every mile until the end... 8:19 to start and finished with a 7:03!  10.2 miles in 76:48 minutes!

Last day of summer vacation so we spent it hanging out...Plus I had to work 2 - 12hour midnight shifts this past weekend.

Happy Running!

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