Sunday, August 25, 2013

Designer Whey and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

I have been looking for quick and easy ways to increase my protein especially since a lot of my time is spent on the go!  I was beyond excited when this arrived at my doorstep:
Blood Orange Pomegranate Shake!
Sustained Energy!
Featured in SHAPE magazine

LOVE the color!

Designer Whey was started in 1993 and strives to create products that meet your needs while being balanced, delicious, and convenient!  Designer Whey Sustained Energy is the perfect combination especially for that post workout fuel and nutrients that our body needs...The whey powder digests quickly to fill you up fast while the soy and casein proteins absorb slowly helping you stay energized for hours after your workout!  PERFECT!!! I love that you can be very creative with Designer Whey and not only make smoothies or shakes but also add the powder to pancakes, waffles, muffins and many more treats! 

I have both the Chocolate Velvet and the Vanilla Bean...I cannot decide which I like best because both are so tasty!  I made the above smoothie with blackberries, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, a banana and a little bit of ice and cold water, plus a scoop of Vanilla Bean.  It was amazing!  Today after my crappy 9.5 mile run ( I just wasn't feeling it after working 2  12hr shifts ) I had this:

 Chocolate Velvet, a banana, organic milk, a scoop of PB, and blend!!!!!!   Oh my it was a treat! 

I also love their website and if you click the link you can find a TON of delicious and nutritious recipes as well as exercise tips!  I am totally looking forward to testing out some recipes and increasing my protein intake!


100 calories per scoop
5 grams of fiber per serving ( helps control hunger )
19 vitamins and minerals ( B-vitamins to spark metabolism!, vitamins A, C and E for fast workout recovery, high in antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin D )
16 grams of protein ( whey, soy and casein blend )
All natural flavors and sweeteners and REAL cocoa and vanilla beans!!!

With this there is truly no excuse to skip a meal!!

I am so excited and want to share my love of this product with my readers!!  Designer Whey would like to GIVEAWAY and extend to 6 of my readers their Sustained Energy products!

All you have to do is comment below and tell me what your current favorite source of protein is!

For a bonus entry:  Tweet about my giveaway and attach link here and comment letting me know you tweeted

Good Luck and Happy Running!

*Thank you  FitFluential and Designer Whey...this post is solely based on my opinion of this product and I am in no way receiving any financial compensation from neither FitFluential nor Designer Whey.


  1. I love wild salmon as my favorite protein source!

  2. Tweeted too!

  3. I use the herbalife protein shakes.
    Jen taylor

  4. I use the herbalife protein shakes.
    Jen taylor

  5. My favorite source of protein is almond butter!

  6. I love seafood, but it's so expensive! Lately, my favorite source of protein has been protein "fro-yo" which I make by mixing nut butter, 1/2 serving of protein powder, almond milk, chocolate chips/granola, and greek yogurt. It's the best dessert after a workout!

  7. Mostly eggs and greek yogurt :)

  8. I tend to eat a lot of eggs for protein.

  9. Chicken is my favorite!