Saturday, March 30, 2013

Left Leg vs. Slanted Road...Awesome Mail

Today's weather was PERFECT for running!! Finally... Welcome Spring...
T-shirt and Capri's
I met Angel 5 miles into her run...she had a 20 miler and I had 15 miles to do.  We started off at way below marathon pace and everything was feeling pretty darn great then we hit the slanted back roads and both of us had almost identical SI/left leg pain.  I am not quite sure if this happens to other runners out there??   For safety running towards traffic is a must but unfortunately the way the roads are slanted this causes a big leg/hip discrepancy....In races it is easier to stay in the center of the road to avoid this but on training runs that's a different story!    After we finished I made sure to stretch and foam roll out my back and legs which seems to help!  So I finished with 15 miles in 2:02:38!
I had some exciting packages come these past few weeks...My favorite one:
Seen on Instagram @ DErunningmom
These are the BEST running shorts ever!  And the t-shirt is my new must have piece of clothing! Please go get yourself some new spring/summer running clothes asap!
Instagram @ DErunningmom
I also received my Runner Passport and information package from the Boston Marathon!!  Getting super excited for this race!

I am so getting this t-shirt for my boys!!

Muscle and Fitness Box
This box was a nice surprise...Muscle and Fitness samples of all kinds!  I think my hubby will be trying a few of these out.
Origami Owl..
Origami Owl locket and necklace!!  Totally in love with this company and am going to have a party at the end of April for it!!

Does anyone else experience this left leg/ SI joint pain while road running??

Have you heard of Origami Owl??

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful day!

Happy Running!

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