Sunday, March 3, 2013

Catching Up!!

Wow this past week has had a lot of changes and new this happening!  Last Sunday 2/24  we became Godparents to the CUTEST little boy:
We are so honored and privileged to be his Godparents and look forward to the future with this little man....oh yeah and we LOVE his parents and siblings also!!!  I predict a future marathoner in him...It all started with Boston!
Since I was post a 20 miler I was still ravenous and feasted on the amazing food ( all HOMEMADE ) and this beauty:

Truly Heaven sent!!
On Monday my hubby started a new adventure with work and I am so looking forward to the things to come!!  I took today as a much needed rest day since I worked the past two nights and my BFF's Nana was laid to rest...the service was beautiful and truly reflected what a wonderful happy soul her Nana was!!  She had passed away the same day her husband passed away 25 yrs earlier ( 2/17 )...I think this is her happily ever after and she is now in a much better place smiling down and watching over her family with the love of her life!! 

Tuesday my oldest was home sick with a fever and vomiting so I had to sneak in a quick 6.25 miles in 44:56 when my mom stopped by to drop something off!  I always hate to see my little men sick.  Thank goodness was off work to care for them. 

Wednesday:  Speed work!!!!  I am really starting to enjoy my speed days because I think this is the key element that will get me to my goal.  Here is the breakdown of my run:
2 mile warm up in 16:00 ( 8:00min/ mile pace )
2 x 1600 meter @ 6:31
1 min recovery in between
2 x 800 meter @ 3:08
1 min recovery in between
1 mile cooldown
Total 7 miles in 48 minutes

Followed by weight lifting with Tony....We had talked about sport specific training and he put something together for Angel and I to try...Wow this was good and really targeted those hamstrings, glutes and back muscles that we forget to work! 

Thursday another rest day due to class and work schedule!

Friday:  Welcome March!  First day of lacrosse practice!!! I absolutely love this time of year and spring sports...I ran a quick warm up with the girls and I have to say they did great!  Not many people walked and no one threw up!  Yay.   We did a ton of sprints and drills also to show how much conditioning they will need...I think they may have actually been working in the off season.  Stick skills look a little rusty but that will work out this week and the new players were picking it up fast!!  Looking forward to the 2013 season.  Come support our team this season PLEASE!!!!

Friday night I had my running clubs 2nd annual banquet and it was awesome I will post that up in a separate post!

What's your favorite spring sport?  Any Lacrosse fans out there??

Happy Running!

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