Friday, March 22, 2013


So Saturday we had our lacrosse tournament from 8:30am to 3:30pm and it was the cold that gets into your bones and freezes you!  Angel was out on her 20 miler and stopped by to give my team a shout out....I would have taken her picture but my hands we already frozen.   We did ok and were able to work on some of our teams weaknesses and I think the team is starting to mesh well together.  After the tournament I convinced myself to go run a quick tempo run and save my long run for Monday.  Well...I really think I was frozen from the inside out...I started off the run at a quicker warm up pace and my body felt so stiff and tense...I had planned on 10 miles but called it a day after 7.3 miles in 54 minutes.  My feet were so sore and tight ..I decided it was not worth an injury to keep pushing.  I also realized that I had only 1 bottle of water to drink the whole day and a soft pretzel to eat!  Not a smart move on my part!!  So I went home and snuggled up with my family. 

Sunday was my son's First Reconcilation!  He made us very proud:

I had a lot of friends and MAC running club members racing today at the CR half marathon....They all did awesome especially my running buddy Dawn!!!  Way to rock it on your "training" run!  I have to say I was having major race envy and feeling like I should go out for another attempt at my tempo run...BUT  I talked myself out of it and decided to save it for my 20 miler.  Actually Angel helped me convince myself not to run!  Sooooo we went to see the Great and Powerful Oz instead...The boys loved it! 

I woke up Monday and it was cold and windy...I was being a total princess and decided I could not be cold for one more I went into the Y and ran my 20 miler on my favorite TM!  Angel came and ran next to me for a few miles and I do not think 5 minutes went by that someone was not talking to me.  I played around with the decline and incline but tried to keep my speed pretty even.  I ran the first 16 without music but then for the last 4 I put on some tunes!  This made me pick up the pace and I ran the last 4 at marathon pace plus added an extra 1.25 miles at sub-MP.  Total of 21.25 miles in 2:52...I also used a gel around mile 16 and this gave me an extra burst of energy to finish.  I felt great and even felt like I could have kept on going for another hour or so.  I made sure I refueled with a Premier Protein shake right after I ran and stretched out before heading to lacrosse practice and work. 

How do you refuel after a long run??

Happy Running!

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  1. Hopefully we will all thaw out soon, I can't take the cold and wind!!!

    Glad I could be the voice of reason, I know you have served for me on more than one occasion.