Monday, March 11, 2013

28 hr day, Epic Fail and Re-Do run...

Friday was such a long day for me filled with my many different hats I wear!  Started the day at 6:30 am as mommy, then went for my Tempo run ...8.1 miles in 62 minutes  ( 1.25 mile warm up @ 8:19 pace then 4.75 miles at tempo pace then 2.1 mile cool down @ 8:00 pace ) Thank goodness my friend Andy gave me a little incentive to finish:


I scarfed them down too quickly and forgot to take a pic so this is a sample!

Then I put on my coaching gear and headed up to practice in the freezing cold...I swear high schoolers have no sense of cold!! After a successful practice it was on to my REAL job as a nurse for a 12 hour midnight shift!  Thank god I work with my amazing friend Lauren and the night flew by quickly! 
Saturday was a complete blur because after being up from 6:30 am friday until 9 am Saturday I totally crashed and didn't move until 4 pm...then it was time to do it all over again!
Sunday:  plan called for 15 miles @ 8:00 pace...Well,  my legs felt like lead and my mind was not in for the long haul... I tried to convince myself I could make it through but when an 8:06 felt like a sprint I knew my body was telling me to back off.  I realized I only drank 2 cups of water at work that night and my body could tell.  I got to 9.5 miles and chugged my water then tried to push out a few more miles but decided to be SMART and stop.  11.5 miles in 1:33 with average pace of 8:05.  I texted my running wife to look for advice and she agreed that was the smart move!!  I find that I get so caught up in "the plan" and sometimes forget to listen to my body...but there are 7 days in a week and today was not the day for my long run!  I made sure to drink plenty of water and refuel with one of these:
I have been increasing my protein intake much more lately and these are so simple and easy to take along anywhere you go!
Today:  Re-Do on yesterday's epic fail....I wanted to do a pretty decent run and feel like I worked without causing injury!  I decided to do 10 miles and felt soooo much better then yesterday.  My body still felt heavy but my run and head were in a better place today.  I also switched my Mizuno's to my brand new pair of Wave Rider 16's and my feet, hips and knees were happy!  I did get about 550 miles out of my old pair and will still use them for shorter runs but for anything over 10 I will use my new pair!

New Mizno's + FEETURES! = AMAZING!!!!
Happy Running!

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