Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goofy's Challenge Part 3...Full Marathon...Finally

Wow I am not even going to pretend things have been calm around here!  I have been working a lot more hours and still trying to get it all done and be the best mommy I can be.  So this post unfortunately had to take a back seat in this wild ride. 

January 13,2013 the 20th Anniversary of the WDW Marathon and the weather was perfect for running.  It got a little hot toward the end of the race and I am sure the folks who were out there for 6-7 hours were struggling with the heat but that is my kind of weather! 
We got to the race retreat a little earlier due to the crazy crowds of the half marathon and I made sure I had plenty of time to get to my corral.  I met up with some friends in the corral which was awesome to sit and chat with before the race started!  These friends are AMAZING Ironman athletes and race practically every weekend:

I have to say I absolutely love the start of every Disney race...Fireworks!!  They really know how to get the adrenaline flowing.  So my game plan for the race was to just have fun and not look at my watch.  I made sure to stop and get pictures with a few of the characters and drink plenty of water.  In years past I have had trouble with nutrition on the marathon...I usually end up starving around mile 15 so this year I made sure to fuel proper before hand and to take a few honey stingers from mile 15 on.  I really loved the course this year and the change of scenery.  I like that the course took us to Magic Kingdom first so mile 6 was coming through Cinderella's Castle and then we heading out toward the Polynesian where I knew Danny would be.  We also got to run a lap around the Raceway track and look at all the fancy cars!  After that we were on our way to Animal Kingdom .... There were a few less then pleasant smells leading up to Animal Kingdom!!  My boys love the Animal Kingdom so this part of the race always makes me smile and think of them.  Then miles 14-17 we were on our way to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and in for a surprise at mile 20.  I really enjoyed running through the complex and seeing all the sports practices going on..we even did a lap around the track!  Mile 20 was all decked out with entertainment and the one and only mouse himself!!  Mickey, Donald and Goofy were all there for a photo opportunity.  After that is was on to Hollywood Studios, the Boardwalk/Beach and Yacht Club area and into Epcot for the final stretch!  I love this part of the race and you can hear all the cheers and people encouraging you along the way!
I finished in 3:33 and will take it considering I really did just go out and ran for fun and enjoyment.  One thing that really inspired me and got me choked up was that every mile marker had a Sandy Hook memorial by them. 

Never forget the innocent people who were taken too soon! 

All done!
Love the Disney BLING!!
I made sure to go get my post race massage again by the same talented massage therapist!!  ( I believe she is the reason I was barely sore post race!)  Then I made sure to refuel with some delicious sandwiches, soup and fruit!  Danny also enjoyed the yummy post race food...It is hard to spectate you know!  We hung out for a little while and watched the overall winners receive their awards and enjoyed the post race party.
We love Mizuno..Daisy needs a pair!

Then I was ready for the shower and a BEER. 
We had a later lunch/early dinner schedule at Le Cellier in Epcot so we went back and caught the final few racers coming into finish.  I give them so much credit for being out there for 7+ hours and still having fun!  There were people finishing and running with beers, margaritas, eating jumbo turkey legs and pretzels!  Good times. 

My lunch was amazing and hit the post 40 mile spot:
Mushroom bacon burger and pickles!
 This was by far one of my most enjoyable races I have ever ran and I truly love the Magic of Disney!

Anyone running the Princess Half Marathon next month?

Happy Running!


  1. I'm running the first half! I'm pretty slow but am still very excited!

    1. Michele, I am so excited for you!! You are going to have so much fun and will do amazing! Keep me posted

  2. You know that I am ;) Getting very excited for my first half!!


    1. Stephanie!!! Yes and I cannot wait to hear all about it! Take tons of pics and send them to me...I can put them up here on the blog! I am so proud of you.

    2. Thank you! You know that I will be taking lots of pics, lol!!!