Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goofy's Challenge Part 1...Expo

We arrived in Disney on Thursday Jan. 10 around 11 am and checked into our hotel.  I made sure I carried on the most important items I own!

We dropped off our things then headed straight over to the expo to beat the mad rush. 
Disney packet pick up runs fairly smooth and is easy to navigate.  It is always a fun upbeat time at the ESPN Wide World of Sports!  Lots of energy and music going on and all things running related! 

The worker/volunteer/cast members are all so friendly and supportive!
We hung out at the expo and scoped out all the running gear and new things!  New Balance announced that they are the Official RunDisney sneaker and people were snatching up the Mickey and Minnie themed shoes left and right...By the time I made it over to pick up a few pair for friends they only had women's size 6 left!!! WHAT?!?!
My brother did snag a pair before the rush.  I am a Mizuno gal and will not be tempted by their cuteness!!  LOVE my MIZUNO!!!

I picked up a new pair of sunglasses since my last pair did not survive Richmond and my all time favorite socks FEETURES!!  Ever since I started running I have worn this brand and have never had any issues with blisters.  They truly make a world of difference!  Expo prices are great and my hubby is hooked on these too so we grabbed 4 pair!  I cannot say enough good things about FEETURES..they even have plantar fasciitis sleeves that are pretty amazing!  So if you are looking for new socks check them out asap!

I love finding new companies and products that are personalized and local ( USA )...Well this one totally caught my eye!  Their gear is fantastic..the company is called Ink N Burn and they are from California.   They use local artist to design their clothing and each piece is so unique!
Some of the ladies gear
A few of the men's shirts

Jean compression Capri's
The owner Rob was super nice and easy to chat with!  It makes me want to move to California and work with them!! 
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If you are looking for a unique piece to spice up your running/workout wardrobe then this is totally the company for you!  Check them out online at InkNBurn.  I am so getting the jean capris ...they look so real and functional at the same time!

I also stopped by the KT tape booth to have my knee taped because I was nervous it would give me issues racing back to back:
Indepth convo happening!
I am a fan of tape and really find that it helps me...I have used both Rock Tape and KT and I have to say both work but Rock Tape NEVER comes off and really works longer. 

This is a huge expo/event and there really is a lot to see and do here.  They also have an amazing speaker series and great swag!
Swag bag race shirts!
Love me some Goofy!
After the expo we went to the Boardwalk Hotel and walked around for a little while and grabbed a yummy bite to eat at Big River Grille and Brewery.  I opted for a grilled chicken salad and the beer sampler and the hubby and I split the nachos!  So good!  Disney does it right. 

Half Marathon post up next!

Last week and this week are a small recovery period for me so I have been doing a lot of cross training...Bike, stair machine, weights and core class today! 

Happy Running!


  1. Hey I recognize those bed sheets! Haha gotta love Pop Century!

    1. Yes Pop Century is great and my kids favorite place! Haha!