Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gearing Up for Goofy

So over the past few weeks I had to change up my training and prepare for Goofy's challenge (half marathon 13.1miles on Saturday and full marathon 26.2 miles on Sunday) and possibly the 5K on Friday too.  I have added more milage and back to back longer runs into my plan as well as juggling working a little more and a lot less sleep.  Unfortunately,  I have slacked off on the blogging a bit but now its time to get back on track!

My week of workouts:
I revisited my long lost friends the Stairmonster and Octane machine.  Got a great sweat on and was able to feel like I worked hard!

Thursday I did 7 miles in 52 minutes and everything felt good..Angel and I went up to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and restocked on lots of nutritious eats!  I really wish we had a Whole Foods closer to my house but it is always a fun time going up there anyway.

Friday: 9 miles in 68 minutes..there was nothing really to special about this run and lately it has been taking me awhile to get motivated to lace up.  I think my body is reminding me it needs some down time and recovery. 

Saturday was a much needed rest day and Christmas with Nana!  We are so blessed with such amazing people in our lives and really enjoy just spending time with the one's who are true to us.  The boys always love going to Nana's and playing in her huge yard...She also has lots of pets so they can get their animal fix since we do not own any pets! 

Sunday I ran 11.5 miles and the time flew by!  I love those runs where you look at your milage and think "No Way 9 miles done already"!!  This run felt great and I made sure to ice and stretch properly afterward!!

Today's run was a nice quick and short 4.2 miles in 28:46...I worked last night and again tonight and something at work has been irritating my skin...so I have been trying all kinds of different solutions to help prevent this from happening so lets hope tonight is not a repeat of last night!

Anybody running Disney this weekend?  Or have future plans of running Disney!?!

Happy Running!

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