Saturday, February 2, 2013

18+ miles in 18*

Brrrrrr!!!  Today I had my longest run since the Goofy's Challenge and it was less than ideal conditions outside.  Angel,  Dawn, and I all had 18 miles on tap today so we met up at 8 am and it was only 18 degrees out and at some points there was an awful headwind that took your breath away!  We stuck together for the first few miles then we all were hitting our marathon training paces for the middle miles.  We had water planted around mile 8-9 and because it was so cold out the water started to of the roads we run on was covered in snow and ice so it made for rough traction.  Thank goodness for my amazing Mizuno Wave Riders for keeping my toes warm and me upright:
I ended the run today with 19.46 miles in 2:33:48 and felt pretty good especially after being so sick the past few days.  I have been battling this virus ( cough, congestion, sore throat, no voice, and chills ) since last Saturday and was really worried about how I was going to do today.  I am so glad I have my runner girls to make me get out the door and go run with them in this kind of weather because if I was doing this by myself I so would have just ran on the treadmill!  Some of my winter running essentials include:

My Northface running gloves:

I love these gloves and wear them all the time!  They are great and work very well with smart phones. 

Oiselle Lesley Running Tights

LOVE these tights!!!

Feetures Running Socks

Ear warmer/Hat ... I have to have my ears covered especially on windy days or else it is so painful!

Chapstick...Enough said!

I have to say I am definitely a warm weather girl and prefer the sunshine but I truly love running and will do it in just about any type of condition! 

After I thawed out and refueled we decided to take the boys for a hike at the state park by our house:
My Love
We are ready for the wilderness
    The boys LOVE to be outside and we had such a blast hiking in the "winter wonderland" as they were calling it!  There is something so special about the simple moments with kids! 

Hot Chocolate!

Anyone else running in the cold today?

What are some of your winter running essentials?

Happy Running!

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