Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012...Welcome 2013

Happy 2013 everybody!  Well 2012 went out with a bang and lots of great memories.  This past week has looked like this:

Sunday I ran a quick 10.25 miles in 75 minutes with an average pace of 7:19.  It was freezing out so I stuck to the good ol' TM and played with the elevation here and there to make the run go faster.  Also Jen joined me again and we chatted about New Years and the holidays! 

Monday (New Years Eve and last chance miles):
Beautiful Sunrise
 I met Angel for the final run of the year and it was an adventure!  When we started our run it was 28* out but with no wind so it wasn't too bad.  We really didn't have a plan for pace but more for distance.  We ran Money Road and this route has some nice hills and minimal traffic.  Everything was going great we even stopped and grabbed a drink and chatted with Shara before we hit a little trail running...This is went we had the friendly dog attack!  We were running along and saw another runner and her black lab...he came bolting toward us and was very excited.  I happened to stop and slow down to pet the dog and Angel kept jogging...well he took this as a sign to tackle Angel:
Proof! Paw print on Angel's a$%
 The owner felt very bad and the dog truly was just playing but Angel took a beating!  We continued along made a pit stop at Acme then finished up out 12.86 miles...We I got home I logged my miles for my grand total for 2012 and it was @ 2298 miles...So my OCD self laced back up and ran a quick 2.10 miles to round up to 2300 miles ran in 2012!!!  I also added some kettle bell work, lunges and wall squats to make it worth my effort! 
Post run fuel!!

I ended up getting called into work and working 12 hours for New Years Eve and my goodness we were CRAZY busy with babies being born!!  We seriously were non-stop all night and took a quick 10 seconds to watch the ball drop and drink sparkling cider then went right back at it:
Happy New Year with my BIC band!!
BIC band is having a great sale right now and please take advantage of it!! This are the BEST head bands and I have a bunch of them.  They honestly do not move!!  I have worn them for races, running,  to work (see above),  or just for everyday wear!  They come in all sizes and colors...I have tried many bands before and so far BIC is my all time favorite...I have never had an issue with them slipping off or falling off before!   So check them out by clicking on the above link.

Yesterday was my beautiful niece Hannah's 4th birthday so I took a rest day and celebrated with her:
We tried out this new froyo place and it was amazing...It is called Sweet Frog and the kids loved it:
TONS of toppings

TONS of Flavors

TONS of cups

LOVE the decor!
They had all different flavors and any topping you could think of...I got the red velvet and cake batter swirl plus the Greek yogurt with honey and topped it with yummy fruit and pumpkin flax cereal!  Trying to keep it somewhat healthy!  Chase got the vanilla and chocolate with kitkats and fruit and Cam got mint with gummy worms...Blah!!

If you are local.. go check this place is located in Governor's Square II shopping center and I highly recommend it!

Today's workout was 7 miles on the Octane and 20 minutes on the stairmonster!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic 2013 so far!!

Happy Running!


  1. Awesome job on 2300 miles!!! You are amazing Stace!!! That froyo place looks so yummy, we'll have to try it out sometime.

  2. That is some great mileage! I can only imagine working labor and delivery that night. Every one is trying to get that tax credit!:)