Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and really got to enjoy their families and friends...I know we did here!  My boys had an amazing Christmas and made out very well..they definitely made the NICE list this year! And once again I was reminded how amazing my parents are!  They are truly the two best people I know. 
Bro, Mom, Dad, Me
Best Grandparents and the boys

So here are what my past few workouts look like:

On Saturday I did a nice 7 mile tempo run in 49 minutes..warm up mile @ 7:53 then settled into my MP ( marathon pace )..Luckily my girl Jen came and ran next to me for 4 miles and helped me push it! And a HUGE thank you to my Mizuno Wave Rider 16's for getting me there:

On Sunday I met Angel and Dawn for a little 20 miler!  I ran the first 10.5 with Dawn and Angel then went and begged Angel to run another 5 miles with me then I finished up around her neighborhood!  All in all I did 20 miles in 2:31 and felt pretty good.  After the run I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and good company.  Love my runner girls:
Finally the 3 knuckleheads again
Post run I enjoyed some of my fabulous friend Lauren's treats...She is the best baker ever and totally spoils me with her delicious goods:
Monday and Tuesday were rest days and enjoying my family..We always do Christmas Eve mass and dinner with my Mom, Dad and brother and we always have Filet Mignon, baked potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus, corn on the cob and DESSERTS!!  Trying to keep it healthy and clean but also splurge a little too.  I went all out and got dressed up for mass:
Mizuno's vs Vegas shoes
Well you can't take the runner out of me!  The heels made their appearance and it felt good to rock them again.  When we came out of church it was snowing and the boys were beyond excited!
Playing in the snow flakes!
I had to work Christmas Day night shift after a full day of celebrating with family and we were busy with post Christmas day babies being born!  Luckily the hubby was home and this momma slept a few hours and recovered.  I planned on a 10 mile progression run but stopped at 8 miles in 62 mins...I realized my hydration was way off and my muscles decided to rebel!  I had run around a lot over the past 2 days and really did not drink enough water.  So I did my kettle bell work and called it a night! 
All done!
So today I gave it another go and did 16 miles in 2:03 and wow what a difference hydrated muscles make!  My form was still a little stiff but once I warmed up and settled in I was good to go...the first 3 miles were slow and at 8:12-8:23 pace then I increased my speed each mile until I felt I was good.  I have to say the TM was not my friend yesterday but today we were bff's! 

Now I am getting ready to go into work on call because the baby factory is on overdrive!!

Lesson of the day:  HYDRATE and hydrate well!

What was your favorite Christmas gift or moment?!

Happy Running!

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