Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sadness, Swimming, and Speed.

Unfortunately my hubby's grandpa passed away this weekend.  He was such an amazing man, husband, father, grandfather and war veteran.  He always had the best smile and loved his family so very much.  It is hard to see a loved one suffer and death is such a difficult thing to handle.  The strength and bond that my hubby's family has is so unique.  We are truly blessed with amazing families and their support for everyone involved.  He will be missed more than words could explain!

Before we left for Pittsburg I was able to swim a few laps and loosen up before the drive.  I swam 1900 meters in 45 minutes with mixed strokes, kick boarding and sprints at the end.  This felt pretty darn good!

I took Tuesday as a rest day......but this was an emotional marathon.  The service and funeral were beautiful and very touching.  Like I said before we are very lucky to have such a close supportive family.

After the 6 hour drive to and from my hips and back were not so happy with me!  I had to be very good with my PT stretching today before my speedwork!!  My plan was to do 4 x 800 meter repeats today.  I started with 2 mile warm up then went right into my repeats @ 3:00 minute/mile per 800 meter.  I also added 2 x 400 meters and a mile cooldown.  So I ended with a total of 8 miles for today.  I felt great and the speed felt good but at the end my feet started to cramp up.  Looks like I have to stretch out my calves and legs a little bit more!

After playing pool football ( yes this is exhausting) we took a trip to Whole Foods.  I found my new favorite place!  It was love at first sight and they have a bar!!!  We just got a few things:

 I am so excited for my Pumpkin Ale....This is one of my all time favorite beers!  I love fall and everything that goes with it!

Do you love Whole Foods too ??

What is your favorite season?

Happy Running!

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