Monday, August 13, 2012

Sad the Olympics are over!

My workouts since my last post:

Thursday: I decided to do my tempo run today since I will be working night shift the next 4 nights...Yikes.  I was did 8 miles in 58:36 and felt pretty darn good.  I have been scared to do back to back runs since my injury because of my fear of re-injuring myself.  But shockingly my legs/feet recovered quickly from my speed work and all was well on this tempo run!

Friday:  After a quick 1hour and a half nap me and the boys headed to the gym.  They got to play while I did a 13.5 mile ride in 48 mins.  I also did some core work and upper body lifting. 

Saturday:  Baby shower for my dear friend Alicia and a rest day!  OMG baby Under Armour!

Sunday:  15 mile long run in 1:58:00.  After 4 hours of sleep I was quite happy with this run!  My feet and calves started to cramp a little around 9 miles but I think a lot of that has to do with my gait on the treadmill.  I feel like I strike on the outer part of my foot way more on the TM verses running on the roads.   Lots of stretching, foam rolling and icing after this run.  Oh yeah and a brewski!

Prior to brew I did have this:
I am addicted to these shakes.  They pack a great protein punch and taste so delicious too!

Today's workout:  Swam 2500 meters with lots of freestyle but also some mixed strokes, kick boarding and pulls.  I am really loving the challenge that swimming gives me.  I just HATE seeing band aids and gum floating in the pool..Blah!

I am very sad the Olympics have come to a close!  I absolutely loved watching the men's marathon on Sunday.  It is so inspiring to see these athletes push themselves and achieve so much.   Stephen Kiprotich truly impressed me and that move he made the last few miles around that bend was awesome!  And Meb Keflezighi coming in 4th...he made me cry tears of joy when he came across the finish line.  Truly an amazing athlete/person in my eyes.  I really am feeling bad for Desi, Ryan, and Abdi.  I have never ever been in their shoes and cannot even imagine the pressure to preform that they have so I wish and pray that they have speedy recoveries because being injured is awful and very humbling.  So proud of USA!!

Happy Running!

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