Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Epic Fail...But looking on the bright side

Since I worked all weekend and was not able to squeeze in my 20 miler on no sleep I was forced to do it on Monday...Well when I woke up to pouring rain and thunder I decided to push my run back until the rain slowed down a bit.  I really would have loved to do this run at the Y but they are closed Monday-Thursday for cleaning...Boo!!  By the time it cleared up and I took the boys to my brother it was about 80* out but there was a slight breeze..Until I started running!  It got to be so hot and HUMID that I really thought I was going to have heat exhaustion.  I was ok for the first 4 miles then I had a encounter with a dog that spooked me and turned around to head back the way I came on my route.  This is where I decided to be smart and text Angel for help!  She is a saint from above!  She drove out to me and brought me water, gatorade and honey stingers...I swear once I saw her car I could no longer hold back my frustration and tears! 

I had run about 6.5 miles at this point and totally felt defeated!  I normally am ok in the heat and can tolerate running at least 10 miles before needing to refuel but not today.  I was feeling sloooooow and emotionally I just shut down.  Angel gave me a quick pep talk and devised a plan for me since I was all "I suck at running and I am a loser".  I knocked out another 7 miles stopped for a quick break:
Yes that is all sweat dripping off my hat.

Trying to look happy with the portapots

And look what I found while feeling unlucky
I ended back at Angel's house with 14 miles total outside (my first 7 miles were all under 7:48 pace) and then finished 6 miles on her treadmill in the AC!!!  All in all I got the mileage done but this was not the way I saw it going!  This was a day that I probably should not have been outside running especially with the humidity being so high.


So according to this is am a total DA (dumba$&) for running when I did!

Tuesday morning started off with SCHOOL!  Yay...Chase was all ready to go and looking very handsome:

While Chase was at school I wanted to swim but once again the Y pool is also closed for cleaning at the same time as the fitness center!  Ugh.   So I decided to do my PT stuff at home and go shopping with my mom and brother.  But I still felt like I needed to flush out my legs and do a little something.  I did a very very slow 2 miles around the track at football practice.  I felt fine until last night when my body rebelled.  I just feel week and not recovered yet...I took today completely off and treated myself to a much needed pair of these
I have been wanting to try these back out for a long time
I am leaving in the morning for California to go run the Disneyland half marathon.
We shall see how that goes for me....Fingers crossed PLEASE!!!

Anyone else running/racing this weekend??

What running shoes do you love?

Happy Running!

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