Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hot and Humid Long Run!

On Sunday Angel and I had a nice long run on our schedule.  I was shooting for 17 miles and she was planning on 15 miles.  When we started at 6:30 am it was already hot and humid out.  To be honest, I am very bad about hydration on my long runs but I had to bring water on this one.  We planted water about 4 miles from her house and went on our merry way.  I was LOVING this run!  I have changed my outlook on my running since I was out for 8 weeks with my injury.  I am following the Run Less/Run Faster approach and so far so good.  I also look at my run as having a specific purpose versus just 'getting my miles' in.  Thank goodness our friends live right on the route we took because we were able to stop and rehydrate, wring out our clothes, and continue on the trails.  I finished with 16.5 miles in 2:15....I was pleased with this run and actually felt pretty darn good all day.

 Sweaty girls rule!!

The only thing that bothered me on this run was that we got to about 11 miles when this creeper guy in a white pick up truck passed us and honked.  This usually does not bother me BUT apparently he has been harassing other female runners and cyclist throughout this certain route.  I think it is disgusting that people do this!!  He has been reported and drives past multiple times and even stopped in the road as one of my other runner friends was out on her run.  She turned off the road and went into her neighborhood but why should we have to cut our runs short or take different routes because of a creepy person?!  Thank goodness I have my runner girls to go with me.  I always carry my phone and do not listen to music when I am running outside and I try to stay along high volume/runner friendly roads when by myself.  It just makes me sad that we need to be so cautious while doing something good for ourselves!

Be safe out there on the roads!

Happy Running!

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