Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Great Week...

This past week my workouts have all been pretty dang awesome:

Monday:  after working all weekend and feeling pretty crappy on Sunday I really liked this run .. 7 miles in 46ish minutes.  1.5 mile warm up @ 8:19 pace then I dug deep and finished with an overall pace of 7:04. 

Tuesday:  Amy's spin class ... My goodness this was by far the hardest spin class I have ever taken.  Amy made us work like crazy and I was a hot mess after this class.  I also too the CX works ( core class ).  Abs galore!!!

Wednesday:  18 miles of pure bliss in 2:09:59.  I NEEDED this run!  I started from my house and ran 4.5 miles to the Summit North Marina where I met these crazy girls:

And lucky for us it was HAPPY HUG A RUNNER DAY!! 
So they were waiting for me as I came down the hill to the marina and we started our adventure along the canal!  13.58 miles on the trail and ALL miles were sub marathon pace!

Dawn making sure we do not get lost!
We also found an amazing sight:

BATHROOMS!!  But....they were locked ... Darn it!  We need to find out why and when they will be open!

I also wore my Mizuno Wave Riders and they were the perfect shoe for this run!  This is a combo made in heaven ... MIZUNO + FEETURES!

I got called into work and worked 12 hours so Thursday was a much needed REST day.  So instead of sleeping the day away I went to WholeFoods with Angel and Dawn. 


I pick up this find and cannot wait to start using it! 

We also made a pit stop at the new Athleta store and I spotted these beauties

This is a beautiful new store and I am confident it will do very well here ... but I am a total Oiselle girl and wish we had a store that carried more of their stuff!!!

Today:  Angel and I went out for a nice little jog in the rain.  6 miles outside then 2 miles inside on her TM followed by a little TRX! 

What are your weekend plans?

Do you use Liquid Aminos? 

Happy Running!

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