Sunday, November 10, 2013

Running Safety

First off I have to say MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!!!  This past week a runner was held up at gunpoint while out jogging in his neighborhood between 5-6 pm...the punks took his ipod!!!  Seriously!  Do people actually think runners carry valuables on them while running?  Then again last night a family was held up at gunpoint and had their wallets and phones stolen!  HOW ABOUT GETTING A JOB young punks!!!!!!!!! 

Obviously I am pissed off!  This all happened way to close to my friends house and happens to be on my running route.  So today instead of enjoying a glorious Fall long run I made the safe decision to take my run inside on the TM!  This fueled my fire and made me think about what more I could do to be safe on my run. 

1.  Do not listen to music while running on the road or in a desolate area.  I do not listen to music when I run outside but if you prefer to use music make sure you leave the volume low or leave one ear piece out.  You do not want a sneak attack or to dull your senses while running!

2.  Tell your family or friends where you are running and how long you plan to run. 

3.  Carry your phone on you in a fuel belt or pocket.

4.  If it is dark make sure you wear BRIGHT colors or reflective gear.  Maybe even use a headlamp or hand held lights.

5.  Carry mace with you while running ... This is something I need to do!

6.  Alter your running route and mix it up so you are not always running in the same place at the same time.

7.  Do Not Run Alone!  Easier said then done sometimes but the saying "strength in  numbers" is so true!  And who would want to mess with a bunch of sweaty smelly endorphin high runners???

Hopefully this situation will be resolved asap but for now make sure you are aware of your surroundings while running!!

This past week I have had some pretty good runs and an intense workout on Tuesday that left me sore for 2 days!

Monday:  15 miles in 1hr 55 minutes.  This was a GREAT run!  We decided on the hilly course and stuck to main roads due to above mentioned incident.  Angel was spot on and strong on this run and I felt pretty great too.  I had one sore spot in my calf that made me a little nervous but it just felt sore not painful.

Doesn't everybody text the super awesome PT person while running?!  

After the run Angel took me to Willey Farms ... OMG I am hooked!  It has been a few years since I last went to Willey's and I have definitely been missing out!  Best fresh made honey peanut butter I have ever had!!!

Tuesday:  Well  the plan was to take Amy's spin class but Amy was not there!  Boooooo ... I was not a fan of the substitute instructor so Angel, Dawn and I hit up the Fitness Center.  I did the Stair Monster for 43 minutes then did a complete legs workout ( WHAT WAS I THINKING ? ).  Lateral hops, squats, walking lunges, wall sits, dead lifts and ab work!  Ouch.

Wednesday:  Easy paced 7.2 miles in 55 minutes.  I was nervous how this was going to go since my legs were so sore from my previous workout.

Thursday:  REST day and lunch with my amazing girlfriends!  It is so wonderful how just being around positive friends can change your whole outlook on life! BLESSED!

Plus Lauren made these heavenly Salted Caramel Cupcakes!!!!

Friday:  Quick 4 miles in 30:23 before the Sallies vs. Middletown football game!  I just love Friday night football games and sharing them with my boys!

Saturday: My hubby had a softball tournament all day so I laced up and ran a few miles between his games.  My goal was to run 7 miles all sub marathon pace ... well I did just that and better.  8 miles in 59:32 .  There were some hills had lots of wind so I am pleased with this run.  My hubby said I looked very relaxed and strong while running.  Excellent!  His team, who is also sponsored by Mizuno, made it to the Championship but lost by a few runs. 

Today:  15 miles in 1:55:18 ... as said above plan was to run outside but took it inside to the TM instead.  After my run I went and did some marathon grocery shopping with my parents and had a delicious dinner with them at Two Stones Pub!
Dogfish  Head!
  So refreshing! 

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend ... I want to send a HUGE congrats to my friend Tracy on running her 2nd half marathon and crushing her time!!!  I am so proud of her!

Happy Running!

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