Friday, November 15, 2013

New Favorite Running Place

Thank goodness they caught the two jerks responsible for the mugging and robberies!!  Saddest part is they were 15 and 17 years old!!!!!!  What is wrong with these kids and where are their parents!?!?!

On to a more positive subject ... Angel and I ventured out and hit up a new running trail and it was AMAZING!

If you live in Delaware you should check this place out!  It is called the Michael Castle Trail and it is located on the North side of the canal.  We picked up the trail ( after a 4 mile warm up trying to find the trail path ) at the Summit North Marina.  They will be finishing Phase 2 of the trail soon but  Phase one heads toward Delaware City and eventually Phase 2 will connect the trail from Delaware City to Chesapeake City!  We hit some sweet hills in the beginning of the run and could use these hills for hill repeats during a long run!  There is also a 6.1 mile paved trail that you could go super fast on for straight away miles!

Why do hills look not as bad in pictures?!?!  When I was younger my Dad and Uncle would take my brother and I sledding here in the winter!
 Angel busting out some speed!

A crappy picture of a massive barge in the canal.

St. George's Bridge ... new and old.

Some boats at the marina.

Another choice for hill repeat then a quick straight speedy flat!

I had planned on 10 miles and Angel wanted 8 miles but we ended with 12 and 10 miles in 1:23 minutes! 

This is a run/route you may want to do with a running partner or group.  It is pretty desolate and peaceful here.  You can also access the trail from Delaware City at Biddle Point or St. Georges.

I wore my Mizuno Wave Sayonara but would probably wear my Wave Riders or trail shoes next time I run here!  There were a few spots that were gravel or rocky so I want a little more cushion next time.  Check it out!

If you are a Starbucks Lover like me make sure you gobble up this deal ( only 2 days left ).  Plus checkout these cute mugs:

So this week I also went with my Uncle to Planet Fitness and I really liked it there!  It was not crowded, had tons of machines and also had a " biggest loser" circuit training area that I LOVE!

It is a full body circuit with steps in the center and that clock at the top counts down 60 seconds while you are working and 20 seconds to transition to the next machine/step.  This was an awesome workout.  We also did and hour of cardio before and abs after.  Plus,  Planet Fitness also offers tanning beds ( if you like that ), Red Light Therapy, and Massage Chairs!

And it is $10 - $20 a month!  WHAT!!! 
Downfall for me is they do not offer child care or classes but if you are looking for a gym this is a great deal!  And you can use any Planet Fitness with your badge!

So I did a total of 16 miles and circuit training ... which meant Thursday was a much needed rest day!  I decided to gut my sons room and look at all these clothes we are giving to our friends:

Pile 1 of 2!!!!!!  Thank goodness between all of our friends we have 9 boys! 

I wan to wish everyone who is running the Philadelphia Marathon/Half Marathon and the Richmond Marathon/Half Marathon   GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!  I am bummed I work ALL weekend long and have been doing a ton of on call or else I would be in Philly with my Oiselle on and my cowbell in hand!!!

Rock it Lori and Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26.2 miles of pure JOY and HAPPINESS!

Who is racing this weekend??!!  Philly? Richmond?

Happy Running!


  1. Thanks so much for thinking of Lori and me. Great to see that at the end of your blog !

  2. You are so motivating Stacey! Thanks for the shout out and for all the encouragement last the last 5 years! I'm looking forward to Mondaywhen the Philly Marathon is 26.2 miles behind me! AND...I guess I'll forgive your plug for the low-cost competitor! Love ya Girl!

    1. Oh you know I would never switch! I am addicted to the Y!!! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to hear all about it! If I wasn't working 3 midnight shifts and on call for 8 extra hours I SOOOOO would be there cheering you on! Love ya too!