Friday, November 1, 2013

Recovery Week Post MCM

Happy November Everyone!!

This week has pretty much been all about the recovery and gearing up for my next marathon.  I have some kinks to work out to reach my goal but I am so glad I know what they are! 

Monday: My quads were still a little sore so I took the day off to recover and went to have my hair cut!!  Bye bye hair!   Do not laugh at my Rock Tape!

Tuesday:  Amy's spin class...So much for a light easy recovery ride!  She went full throttle and I am not the type of person to not join in!  It was exactly what I needed ... plus all my friends were there with me!  Angel, Dawn and I did a little core work and chatted about the MCM.  Angel is amazing and wanted Chipotle so that's where we went for this delicious mound of goodness:

I am addicted to guacamole!!!  We talked A LOT and it was exactly what I need!

Wednesday:  Stair Monster for 43 minutes of interval work!  5 super sweaty miles in 43 minutes  followed by squats,  lunges and abs!

Thursday:  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 
Fun with my little man at his school party!!

We had a great time trick or treating with friends and family!!

Then off to work for me .... BOOOOOOO!

Friday:  Finally laced up and did an easy 5.2 miles in 41 minutes.  I decided to use my Mizuno Wave Rider 16's for the extra cushion.  After my run I did so weight lifting and again worked on my core!
I love Friday nights at the gym because everyone that is there is serious about their workouts and going hard!

Now off to work I go again!

Hope everyone is having a exciting Friday night!

Anyone racing New York City Marathon this weekend?

Good luck to all work are running NYCM!

Happy Running!

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