Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome December!

Happy December everyone!  I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and spent time with your family and friends...And if you went out Black Friday shopping I hope you got some amazing deals!  I started my Thanksgiving with a early morning run with these lovely ladies:

We ran 6 speedy miles and chatted the whole time!  I then spent the day with my family at my cousins house and got to catch up with everyone ... plus I got to hang with my favorite boys:

Me and the Hubs
I unfortunately had to work thanksgiving night and the whole weekend so I did not participate in the Black Friday Frenzy!

Ok so to catch up ... last weekend we were at the beach for my hubby's softball tournament and I was able to squeeze in a pretty stellar run.  Since my Garmin is toast I downloaded the app MapMyRun+ and I love it!  So this is what my run looked like:

I ran from the tournament fields out to Ocean Pines and ran through the neighborhood until I hit the 5 mile mark then I turned around and ran back to the fields.  I LOVE running in new places and just going out to explore.. plus I always feel like I run faster because the area is new to me.  I love that this app talks to me and lets me know my pace per mile and total distance!

I also ran my favorite Hill Pyramid TM workout this past week ... This run is always a nice quad burner and makes the run go by fast.  I start of with a 1% incline and increase every 2 minutes by .5% incline until I reach my max incline ( usually 5% ) then I decrease by .5% every 2 minutes until flat road.  Repeat as long as you want to go!

I did a little cross training and lifting as well as some core work too. 

I am now in taper mode for my marathon this weekend ... so yesterday I did a nice easy 7 miles in 51 minutes and today I ran with Angel for a good 8.5 mile run.  I am getting excited for this race and I am looking forward to running this course again!

I posted this picture on Saturday and I have an awesome surprise for one of my readers out there!  So check back in a few for a GIVEAWAY!!! 

A box of love from MIZUNO!!!!!

How was your Thanksgiving?

Did you race this past weekend and if yes how did it go??

Happy Running!

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