Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New DO!!!

Monday after working 12 hour midnight shift and a quick nap I made my hubby join me for BodyPump at the Y...Before class I did a 4.2 mile run in 32 minutes then we went and got pumped:
This was Danny's first BodyPump class and I think he really liked it!  He had just finished playing in the Winter World's Softball Championship in Myrtle Beach so he was a little sore to start the class.  We also saw Janice and her hubby in class too...I love how many men take this class!  My 8 yr old son also got his workout on too in the youth fitness center...This is why the Bear Glasgow Y is so important to us...Fit Family!

Tuesday:  Amy's Spin class!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had to keep telling myself that this will make me stronger and make Boston easier to run.  She had a ton of hills and more hills and some huge HILLS!  I love her music also and it makes the time fly by.   After class I needed to shakeout my legs so I hopped on and ran a quick 4 miles in 28 minutes...Then my AMAZING mom texted me to grab lunch with her.  I am embarassed about the size of salad that I ate ever single bite of!  No pic because I inhaled it!  Oops. After lunch I was able to go and help with Chase's gym class and my goodness 2nd graders are hilarious...They had to jump rope for a straight 2 minutes without messing up....I may have to try this out..Haha!  Then we moved onto basketball....Chase made this momma proud! 

Today:  Tempo Run....2 mile warm up then 5 miles at 6:58-7:03 pace and a 2 mile cooldown...Love when the sweat drips off my elbows!
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After my run I had a very important appointment........Hair Do!  I was in desperate need of a hair cut and highlight..
My hair dresser is fantastic and I refuse to go elsewhere but it had been almost 5 months since my last touch up!  Embarassing I tell ya....
Is there anything better then having your hair washed and brushed by someone else?!?! And then the scalp massage!  Ahhhh.  And I actually don't have to mess it up until my sweatfest tomorrow..nice!

So this weekend is the Disney Princess Half  Marathon and I am soooooo excited for my friend Stephanie who is running her first half marathon!  She is going to kill it for sure and I cannot wait to hear all about it....It is going to be a warm race this year so if you are running remember to HYDRATE! 

Any other Disney Princesses racing this weekend?!?!  Are you wearing a costume to run?!

Happy Running!

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