Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Something Had To Give ...

Well Hello there everyone!  The past month has been a huge challenge for me with trying to fit everything into my/my family's schedule so unfortunately my blogging had to take a back seat.  But I am definitely going to keep the post coming and try my hardest to keep up!

Lacrosse season is in full swing and my team is currently 2-0 ... this has been the roughest preseason with the weather and horrible field conditions but my girls are dedicated and have the drive to work hard ( most of them )!  They LOVE it when I run with them ... NOT!

This was pretty much our practice conditions for the first 3 weeks of practice!

CHS 2014

My oldest son is doing fantastic in his first season of lacrosse and I am beyond proud of him!  It is very hard for me to watch his practices and not chime in about defense and the importance of teaching the kids fundamental skills!  Eeek!

My youngest son is doing great playing baseball and really has quite the arm and swing!  Baseball is definitely my hubby's area of expertise and I know I could never coach 5-6-7 yr olds playing baseball!

Boston Marathon training is at it's peak and I am getting super excited for April 21st!!!!!  It is crazy to think it has been almost a year ..... this year is going to be crazy emotional and meaningful!

2013 Program and Best swag ever

My running partner and I have been nailing our runs and I am praying we keep it up and accomplish our goal in BeanTown!!

I always crank my car heater up to 90* and full blast post run!

Because it was POURING for 2 days and we had to get it done ... 22 miles on the TM .. 3 hours and 8:10 overall pace!

Since I have been going full force for weeks now I decided to take some "me" time and used my gift card for a MUCH needed Deep Tissue massage today.  Oh my gosh .... it hurt so good!

I need one of these tables at home

This weeks workouts:

Sunday:  22 miles on the TM ... 3 hours @ 8:10 pace ... This was actually a pretty awesome run but only because Jen was by my side suffering with me!  Jen forgot her ipod so I sang to her the last 10 miles ... You are SO WELCOME!
Worked midnight shift ( not so fun on exhausted legs )

Monday:  Easy recovery miles ... 2 miles with the lacrosse team .. 15 minutes @ 7:30 pace.
I got called into work from 11 pm to 3:30 am.

Tuesday:  10.2 miles in 73:12 ... this run was AMAZING!  I felt like I could run for hours and everything just clicked!  the first 8.2 miles were tempo pace with the final 2 miles of hill repeats @ 7:03 pace!!!  When I finished a man and his teenage son came over and complimented me on my running and said the nicest thing to me!!  This completely made my day and proves that smiling and being positive can really change your day!

Happy Running!

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