Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Boston 2014 ... Part 2

Holy Rain!!!  Wow wee it is pouring outside today so I started off my day with 6.2 miles on the TM then did a weights workout at the Y.  I ran a few times since the Boston marathon and I have to say it is so nice to run and NOT have a goal in mind!

Ok so here is the 2nd part of my Boston recap:

Easter Sunday we went to St. Cecilia Church in Boston for the 8 am mass!  I am so glad we did this!  The service was amazing, the church was gorgeous, and my prayers were heard. 

I loved seeing so many runners in church also!  Right after church I met up with Jen and we ran a little shakeout run of 2 miles...I followed that up with my Oiselle team meet-up and shakeout run!  I absolutely LOVE my teammates!  There are so many amazing personalities in this bunch of women:

While we were out running we saw Desi Linden running also!  So cool!  We did 3 miles at a conversational pace:
The Citgo Sign!

On of my favorite sights in Boston:

While I was walking back to the hotel I stopped to pay my respects to those who lost their lives last year:

I saw this peace sign that says " No More Hurting People.  PEACE " on one of the fences.  The little boy Martin who lost his life had made a sign with this saying last year.

After the run I met my hubby and parents ... we decided to do what my dad has wanted to do for 4 yrs:  A DUCK BOAT tour!

Our boat was awesome!

 Our view from the boat.

Our AWESOME driver:  Plucky Ruffles.  Hilarious!

We decided to call it a night and got a Regina Pizzeria pizza to enjoy back in the room.   I made sure to carb load properly and RELAX before the race!!

Gear laid out, mind is set, body is ready!

Happy Running!

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