Friday, April 18, 2014

Boston Bound ...

This past week has been very emotional for me ... It was the 1 yr anniversary of the Boston Bombings.  All the coverage on ESPN and just remembering the day and being so close to such tragedy and having my kids there .... Gasp!

I fell so guilty leaving my boys here with Nana especially since it is Easter but I also know if I took them with me I would not preform well on Monday!  I know Nana will take amazing care of them and I am excited they will be with our family celebrating Easter but the guilt of missing out is hard!

I FINALLY just opened my race day packet with my bib # and runner passport!  I don't know why I have not opened it yet but I did last night.  I guess self doubt, nerves, guilt, stress ... all the emotions kept me from opening it but I am letting go of the negative and believing in myself and I will allow myself to have an amazing race!  I got the BEST phone call yesterday from my co-worker Donna Scho wishing me luck and telling me I will rock the marathon .. then I came home to this:

My fabulous friend and president of " Team Stacey Black " dropped off the most delicious treats!!!

A little piece of heaven!

And today on Facebook my dear friend Leslie T.  posted the nicest post for me!!!  It is really because of her that I am able to go to Boston this weekend ... I was scheduled to work and with it being Easter weekend I almost died when I realized I had to work ... But she agreed to work my weekend for me!!!!!  LOVE!!!!

Then last night after my lacrosse game I came home and had these beauties on my doorstep:

MIZUNO is truly the most amazing!  I know now I will have a mezamashii experience in Boston!  AND the best part is these sneaks match my Oiselle race day outfit!!!!!!!!!!!  I hardly ever match and normally don't care but this is exciting!

See ... exact color of my shorts!  It is like they were made for each other!

Make sure to stop by the Mizuno booth at the expo ... they will have a ton of fun things going on there!

Also checkout the NUUN booth on Sunday to meet Kara Goucher!!!

And make sure to pick up your Oiselle gear and special Boston tshirt!!!

Best of luck to everyone headed to Boston .. I hope to meet many new running friends!

Happy Running and have a WICKED race!

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