Monday, October 14, 2013

Negative Outlook and Running..

This past week of training has gone pretty well if you look at my workouts/paces but mentally I have been battling a huge case of self doubt.  Last Saturday I had my last 20 mile run to fit in between a soccer game and a football game... it just so happened to be 90* and HUMID.  I got the run done and pace wise I was close to right where I needed to be but this messed with my mind.  I wanted my last 20 to be EPIC and feel effortless.  So the rest of the week my workouts looked like this:

Worked Saturday and Sunday 12 hr. midnight shifts

Monday:  Easy 6 miles in 46:31 followed by core work and stretching.

Tuesday:  Amy's spin class... 20 miles in 60 mins.  Hills, speed, hard work!  My running body took a while to adjust to the bike but still a good workout with Angel.  I followed up spin class with a speedy 5 miles in 36 minutes ( 7:12 pace)

Wednesday: REST/ work 12 hr. midnights.

Thursday:  Quick 6 miles in 44 minutes ( 7:19 pace ) ... 2 mile warm up then 3.5 sub 7 miles then .5 mile cool down.  Had to squeeze this run in between 2 more midnight shifts.

Friday:  10 miles in 1 hr. 16 minutes.  Slow steady 2 mile warm up then picked up my pace until 5 miles then I tossed in some Yasso's 6x800 meter repeats @ 3:13, 3:15, 3:15, 3:12, 3:12, 3:13... I did  a quick 90 second RI between repeats.  This run made me very happy but I still was questioning if I am ready for MCM.

Saturday:  Soccer Mom and Football Mom mode!  And a trip to the Pumpkin Patch:

Can you find Cameron??

Sunday:  NEGATIVE STACEY in full effect.  I was very excited and prepared to run with my runner girls but they all ran Saturday instead of Sunday so I was feeling a little less motivated to run in the dark, rainy weather by myself at 6 a.m.  But I had to get it done and since my hubby is away for work I had limited time to squeeze it in.  I laced up and went out .. Angel was going to meet me for the last 8 miles of my run so I started and did 4.2 miles on my own before looping back to get her.  My goal was 15 miles but my mind kept me from achieving that.  My first 4.2 were @ 7:17 overall pace and I was filled with negative thoughts and questioning my training.  Angel quickly gave me a smack down and told me to " SHUT the BLEEP up"!!!  I have come to realize I am my biggest obstacle!  I normally am all "rainbows and sunshine" but lately I feel very "dark and gloomy" when it comes to my training!  I also was trying to hold out on buying new Mizuno Wave Sayonara's because I am 2 weeks out from MCM and did not want to change so close to the race but my feet and hips are telling me I NEED a new pair ASAP.  So the combo of negative thoughts and painful legs/feet did me in and I called it a day.  11.5 miles in 1:28 minutes. 

To top it all off I went to my favorite running company and they DO NOT carry Wave Sayonara's... Yup .... I almost cried right there in the store!!!!  The poor little girl helping me was so sweet ... I panicked and bought a pair of my trusty Wave Riders but lately I have been loving the Wave Sayonara!

Thank goodness for Twitter and my friends out there... Road Runner Sports was right on it and so was Seth Mizuno!!!  They both have my shoes in stock and FAST shipping ... crisis avoided!  This is a prime example of why I love blogging and social networking!! 

I switched gears and went into Mommy mode for my boys "school birthday" party ... which involved lots of little boys ages 5-9, an open sports arena and tons of fun!!  We followed that up with a night at the WWE Philly wrestling event!  I cannot event put into words the excitement that I felt seeing my boys so happy!!!  This was the EPIC moment I needed! 



I may not know all the wrestlers but my boys LOVED it and are very into seeing them so happy and hearing them cheer and boo at the matches helped me put my thoughts into perspective!  At the end of the day running is my hobby, my "me" time but my boys are MY WORLD!!!  I will cherish this night forever!

So today I went and saw my PT friend and he adjusted my back and shoulder ... Ahhhh the relief in feeling better!  I was in a completely different frame of mind and ready to kill my run.  I did a 1 mile warm up at 8:00 pace then my miles went like this.. 7:35, 7:30, 7:27, 7:24, 7:20, 7:24, 7:18, 7:24, 7:30, 7:28, then a cool down my @ 8:34.  I NEEDED this run.  12 miles in 1:30.

Tonight I am doing my homework and reading many articles on negativity and running!  I need to workout my brain and positive outlook!

How do you stay positive and push away negative thoughts?

 Happy Running!


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