Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Final 20 miler

Back to reality after such a great vacation in Disney!  We went full force when we returned home... soccer game at 11am, football game at 2:30 pm and I had 20 miles to run in between the 2 games!  Well,  this would have worked out perfectly had it not 90* with 90% humidity here at home!!  What happened to the crisp, cool Fall weather??  I literally had salt stains on my neck and legs from sweating so much...but thank goodness for my running wife who came to my rescue AGAIN!!!  Angel biked with me and kept me hydrated along the way.... 20 miles in 2:38:41.  It wasn't my ideal last long run before MCM but I will take it and move forward!

After my run Angel drove me to my big guys football game where they had a huge victory!!  Go Steelers!

When I got home I did something I have not done in a few months...I took a true ICE BATH!  I was so hot and my muscles were inflamed so this ice bath was actually quite relaxing! 

So far the rest of my week has been pretty packed with working ALL of my shifts in one week and trying to keep on my training plan. 

Sunday was a rest day for me between working 12 hour shifts.

Monday:  6 miles in 46:30 with steady increases throughout the run.  Followed by stretching and foam rolling...then a much need Costco trip!

Tuesday:  Why do I do these silly thing?!  I decided to take a spin class with Angel...It has been months since I took a spin class and right now was probably not the time to start!  But I did it..rode 20 miles in 60 mins then followed the ride with my 5 mile run ( 1 mile warm up at 8:06 then 3 miles at 6:30 pace then 1 mile at 7:35 ).  I made sure to stretch and did a little hamstring workout also.
Getting motivated and mentally prepared for MCM
Today I am sitting and drinking my coffee in the cool crisp Fall air and catching up on emails, blogging and life before another 12 hr shift!

Anyone tapering this week for a race?

What is your best taper advice?

Happy Running!

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