Monday, October 21, 2013

Almost time for MCM, Fallapalooza, Boys Birthday Party

So the difference between last week and this week is amazing!  I did a lot of reading and research on "mental outlook and training".   It is truly amazing how not only do you need to train your body but you also need to train your brain.  I don't know why I am putting so much pressure on myself to do something that I love to do?  I run for me and my family but for some reason I have changed my outlook and it made me become negative and question my abilities.  So after doing my homework and turning my thinking around I have a new excitement for MCM.   I mean who would not find humor in this course:

I also felt the love and support from all my friends and I THANK YOU all for you kind words and belief in me!!!!!!!! 

So this week was a busy one but what else is new for us?! 

Tuesday:  Amy's spin class ... she LOVES her hills and standing climbs!  I followed spin with core work.

Wednesday:  6 miles in 42 minutes and kept it pretty light and easy at the park.

Thursday:  I needed to flush out some speed in my legs so I did a 2 mile warm up at 7:17 pace then  I did some form drills and wanted to test out my 5K pace:
Unofficial PR

I felt great, the weather was perfect and my legs were happy! 

Friday: I planned for 8 miles but ended with 6 miles in just under 44 minutes.   I felt like I was going very slow and the headwind was very strong but actually I was going way faster then I wanted too!  I saw my friend Erin zipping around the park also so that made me keep going!   I also work the next 3 night shifts and have 2 parties this weekend so I didn't want to over do it and end up sick for MCM!

Saturday:  Fallapalooza!!  Every year we celebrate Fall with our friends and kids and have a ton of fun Fall activities.  We had a delicious spread of Fall foods including these beauties:

We also had "bobbing for donuts", a flash light candy hunt, and pumpkin carving!
My hubby carved this one
Rory's Scary Mermaid!
Unfortunately, I had to work all weekend and could not partake in the "pumpkin beer tasting"!

Sunday was our boys birthday party at our house!!!!  Boy was I suffering with the lack of sleep but it was so worth it!  Thank God for my mom ( made her signature meatball, homemade sauce, ziti and Italian sub salad ) , my hubby (for organizing everything) , my mother-in-law ( made the best Fall dips, spiked cider and drinks,  Lauren ( for making her AMAZING cupcakes and Pumpkin Ooey Gooey Bars ) and Nicole for whipping together spinach dip, pizza dip and beer bread!  And the boys loved their birthday cake!!

My boys are slightly hooked on WWE and love the ol' school wrestlers Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy!!  So when they saw the cake they were super excited!  It was the perfect day for a party and everyone had a blast!  I got an amazing workout jumping in the moon bounce with the boys and my hubby as we all displayed our BEST WWE moves!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend... I followed along with Instagram and Facebook for all the blogger/runners at the Runner's World Festival ... I was very jealous of them but I hope and pray to be there next year!! 

Happy Running!

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