Friday, October 25, 2013

Keep Calm!!! Marine Corps Marathon is in 2 Days!!

I cannot believe MCM is this weekend!!  All the weeks of training, early mornings, HOT HUMID runs, sweat, and a few tears have all prepared me for this Sunday.  I am actually very proud of myself and actually for once I think I may have tapered properly! 

This week has looked like this:

Monday:  Planned on 8-10 miles ... did 8.3 miles in 65 minutes and ended there.  My back and ribs were tight which made my breathing very I did the wise thing and stopped before I hurt something even more! 

Tuesday:  Amy's spin class ... 22 miles in 60 minutes.  Amy is on a whole different level when it comes to spin class.  I was dripping sweat during the warm up portion of the class and she kept it going from the beginning to the end!  After class Angel and it trotted over to the park to run a easy 4 miles...
Rocking the PINK!   
I wore my new FAVORITE Oiselle shirt!  I LOVE the design and feel of this shirt plus it has thumb holes!!!  After a quick shower and change of clothes I went to lunch with my mom & brother and made sure to refuel on delicious healthy food!  I also had a much needed Chiropractor appointment scheduled.  It is amazing how just the slightest imbalance can throw your whole body off.  This time my neck was the main issue .. so ice, stim, and a little crack-a-lack and I was good to go. 

Wednesday:  Rest Day.  I made an appointment for a Deep Tissue Massage at the Limestone Therapeutic Massage Center ... I carry all of my stress in my upper back and neck area so I had some pretty mean knots that had to be broken down!  One of the knots was just under my scapula and was putting so much pressure on that area that I could not take a full deep breath.  Well,  my massage therapist was amazing and she took care of all the trigger points, knots and myofacial tension/pain.  If you are from the area and need a good massage go visit Sarah @ Limestone Massage!

I actually took the rest of the day easy, hydrated and refueled properly then enjoyed some snuggle time with my little man while my hubby and oldest son were at football!
Perfect night time treat!
I even enjoyed a cup of calming hot tea while we watch a Halloween movie!

Thursday:  Met Dawn and Katie at the park to run a few easy miles!  I tested out my race day outfit and decided I need to rethink my shorts!  I am so glad I took them for a test run before the big race... I kept having to adjust the shorts and think I need a smaller size.  I did 5.2 miles with the girls then they kept going and I went to help with Kindergarten gym class...Woohoo!

Today:  After working all night I went to see my amazing PT friend for a final tweak before the race...I now have my Rock Tape tattoo on my back and am ready to take on MCM!!  I would have posted a pic but it is very hard to take a "good" picture of your own back!

My favorite pre-race meal is always pizza ... so tonight we made homemade cheese pizza which was delicious!  Now its time to snuggle up with my boys, watch a movie and continue my positive thinking!

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!

If you are in Delaware head south and checkout the Sea-witch Festival, Rigby's Halloween Party on Saturday, or Fins Oystoberfest!!! 

I cannot wait to meet up and see other Oiselle teammates this weekend!! 

Happy Running!!

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