Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day To Enter Giveaway!!! And UNDER ARMOUR What's Beautiful..

Just a quick reminder for you to enter my FEETURES giveaway here!!

My workouts have kind of been all over the place this past week since I am not hitting any high mileage right now.  So here is what my last few workouts have looked like:
Saturday:  A quick 6.5 miles in 45 mins...I did not plan on running but had an hour of free time come up so I laced up and hit the TM!

Monday:  I planned on BodyPump but after working all weekend I was dragging my feet so I decided to run for an hour then do my own lifting!  My run was feeling awesome and I got lost in my thoughts and music...when I looked down I was at 10 miles!! So I ended with 10.2 miles in 80 minutes...then I worked on my back, legs, and abs for 45 minutes. 

Wednesday:  My own version of a brick workout ... My good buddy Josh randomly picked out a program for me on the Expresso bike and boy was it a doozey!!  I think it was 13.5 miles of straight incline!!  Then I ran 3.1 miles in just under 23 minutes.  Talk about sweaty! 
Retired Wave Riders now used for bike!
When I arrived home I was sooooooo excited to see this on my doorstep:
Under Armour!!!
Oh the excitment
I actually squealed when I saw this!!!  Under Armour is an amazing company and truly believes in helping people reach their goals.  I love the What's Beautiful 3.0 campaign and am excited to be a part of it!!!  I highly encourage you all to join this campaign and urge you to participate...Just click the above link to find out more information!  You too can be part of an amazing movement in a better you!

I plan to rock some of this amazing gear as I head into summer and tons of 5k races and beach runs!!
I LOVE the colors and brightness!  And my boys want to thank Under Armour too for this evenings entertainment:
BUBBLE WRAP is so cool!!

So lots of fun stuff happening over here in Delaware....Anyone racing this holiday weekend? 

Anyone heading to the beach or shore?

I am part of a sponsored campaign for the What's Beautiful program and I would love for you to join the campaign with me.. Click here!

Happy Running!

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