Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthday, End of Lacrosse, and FEETURES! Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Well.. Monday was special because it was my girls lacrosse team's last game of the season and MY BIRTHDAY!  I have to say I am so proud of this team and the efforts they gave throughout the season...Many of the players never ever picked up a lacrosse stick before coming into the season!  I look forward to the 2014 season and what these girls can do!  Many of them have expressed interest in conditioning and training in the off season so that makes me extremely happy!  My goalie went above and beyond and made these DELICIOUS cupcakes:
 What a better way to spend my birthday then with my favorite group of lax players... Too bad we did not win!  Oh well...still a blast!
 Then my amazing friend Lori sent me this text/instagram!!!  BEST EVER!!!!!!  This truly contains all of my favorite things!  Love ya Lori Jo!

FREE birthday Starbucks
 Also... enjoyed my FREE birthday Starbucks!  Then met my Mom, brother, boys and hubby for a Mexican Monday Birthday Bash!
Instagrammed @ DERUNNINGMOM
Love my family and friends!

I am currently not training for anything and I tend to get a little cray cray when I am left without a plan.  My next marathon is Marine Corp in October so the next 2 months I am thinking about focusing on speed and doing a few 5k's.  WHO AM I?!?!?!  After running the Delaware Marathon relay I realized to be the best runner I can be I have to do what scares me and makes me get out of my comfort zone.... and that is speedy short runs! 

So this past week workouts so far:
Monday:  Quick 3 birthday miles in 23:00...I also did BodyPump and made Angel join me!  Love this class and total body workout.
Tuesday:   The plan was to do Amy's spin class but she was not teaching today so Angel and I totally bailed and did our own cross training...sort of...I ran 3.1 miles in 22 mins then did 10 mins on the rowing machine ( no more pathetic back muscles over here ), then I did my regular back exercises.  Angel suggested we go run a lap (2.6 miles ) outside at the park so we did!
Today:  I did 8.65 miles in 67 mins and had to cut it short due to a dentist appt... was hoping for 10!

Ok enough of that now for the good stuff: 

It is not secret I am in LOVE with FEETURES! socks and have been training in them for over 4 years now!  I am so proud to be an ambassador for such a high quality, customer focused company.... SOOOOOO  the AMAZING people of FEETURES want to spread the love and offer one of my readers some socks and a super comfy T-Shirt!!!   


To enter the giveaway just click on link and comment here on this post and tell me which FEETURES socks you would pick? ( 1 entry )

Also tweet about giveaway and comment that you did ( 1 entry )

Also share giveaway on Facebook and comment that you did for a 3rd entry ( 1 entry )

Hope you win!!!  Winner will be picked May 23!

Happy Running!


  1. I'm a fan of the High Performance socks, personally. I have a couple of pairs of Puma socks that are similar, but not on the same level.

  2. I think I'd like to try High Performance
    Ultra Light No Show Tab in Reflector :-)

  3. I would like to try the a High Performance Ultra Lights in pink & aqua.

  4. you should have people post the link to the tweet

  5. Elite No Show Tab Ultra Light in Pink&Aqua! Thanks for doing this!

  6. I love the light low cushion socks. I've been wearing them for about a year now. They are the only socks I run in.

  7. I like the No Show Tab Ultra Lights :)

  8. I also just tweeted about the giveaway (50by25).

  9. I like the Elite
    Ultra Light
    No Show Tab

  10. tweeted

  11. So, you have a blog, and in 2 years of lax, don't mention it to the team, or at least to the running mom? I learn this from randomly running into your brother in the mall?

    It is a good thing we all think you are so awesome and love all the encouragement and everything you bring to the team!!!!

    And the Elite Ultra Light no show tabs in any color would be awesome :)

  12. I would love to try the elite no show tab in white/pink. It's time for me to upgrade my socks.

  13. Elite Ultra Light no show tabs in any color! Thanks!

  14. I have been somewhat addicted to compression socks lately, so I would probably choose the Elite Compression socks! :-)

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