Monday, May 6, 2013

How Mizuno Changed Me..

This time last year I was in a walking boot and battling with major bilateral foot injuries.  I was not able to run AT ALL for almost 10 weeks and was in a baddddddd place!!  Well this year is a different story and when I look back at my training log I notice two huge changes I made....

1.  Working with my PT friend and starting to correct all my imbalances that I ignored for too long!  I know this has been a complete game changer for me and I feel very blessed!  I also learned to listen to my body and back down when things get out of whack!

I totally made the switch back to Mizuno Wave Rider last May and am soooooo glad I did!  I ran Boston 2011 & 2012 in other sneaks and ended up out of running for a few weeks post Boston both years!  This year I not only felt amazing after I finished Boston ( minus my right toenail being ripped off at mile 24 )  but I was able to run the New Jersey Marathon this weekend and feel great today!  I truly believe when you have happy feet the rest of your body is happy too!   I cannot say enough about Mizuno and how amazing their shoes and products are!  My hubby actually ordered a pair of Mizuno turf shoes for softball and he wore them to his all day tournament...He said "my feet feel so amazing and these are the best shoe I have ever had"!!   LOVE hearing that he loves Mizuno as much as I do!!
Danny's new beauties!

Anyone race this weekend? 

Hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco De Mayo!!


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