Sunday, May 12, 2013

Delaware Marathon Relay

Ok so the thought of doing this race terrified me!!  I was worried... what if I let my team down, what if I am too slow, what if I suck???  I actually said I would rather run another 26.2 then 6.55 miles fast!  See... I have become very comfortable with the long slow distance and the shorter faster paces scare me to death!  Hmmmmmm.. maybe I need to work on that and what a better time of year and racing season to do it in then summertime!! 

I have never ran the Delaware Marathon, Half, or Relay....I totally have been missing out!  I did work the water stop last year with my running club which was AWESOME!!!  This event was a blast after I got over my fears...There is a 4 person and 8 person relay team event which is a great way to get out, be active and have fun!  Our team was Team Landon aka Goofy Runners and organized by Dave Landon ( wow truly took care of everything including GU, beverages and a tailgating tent! ).  The guys on my team were beyond fantastic and totally made me feel confident in myself.  I also got to hangout with all the Y runners, MAC runners, and my friends Christie and Jen!
 For the 4 person relay the first runner starts @ 7:05am and wears a ankle band...there is a transition area where runner 2 meets runner 1 and switches the band then runs their leg of the race and same with runners 3 & 4....Thank God I didn't have to worry about dropping the baton!!!  I was runner #3 so I had a little time to take care of business and socialize before my turn!

Well mile 1 was fun then miles 2-4 I thought I was going to puke!  Then my motor kicked in and I realized "oh ok I am almost done" ... I really think that I need to do a few more shorter faster runs and get use to the pace.  Thank you Dave, Michael and John for such a great Mother's Day morning! 
Yay US!!

I also got to see Jen totally kick asphalt, PR and BQ!!!  She literally just decided she was going to run a marathon right after Boston this year and boy she was determined to BQ!  Talk about a quick training plan...less than a month! 
Jen hauling rear to the finish
Look at that medal!!! 
I knew she would rock this race!!  This is a tough course and the marathon is a double loop ( not sure  if I would love or hate this ) with some pretty good hills/inclines!  Watch out Beantown...Delaware Blondes are coming your way!

Pink Fairy
Also got to see this guy...Pink Fairy..I have seen him in many marathons and this was his 10th Delaware Marathon! 

ANNNDDDD... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the amazing moms out there!!  I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day! 

The MOST FABULOUS MOM IN THE WORLD!  Mom..I love you more than words can explain!!  You always go above and beyond for everyone!  LOVE YOU!

Anyone else run Delaware today??

Happy Running!


  1. Great job Stacey! Congrats to you and your team! Yet another wonderful accomplishment! I ran the 1st time for this race. Slow & steady! I found it to be so well organized with so many positive people! That mile 6 hill was a doosey! I am not used to running hills and am feeling it today! What's next on your running agenda?
    Carrie M

    1. Hey Carrie! I still am shocked that I had never ran any of the Delaware Marathon races before this year! Where have I been! You are not joking about the hills...Holy moly! I am taking the next 2 months to work on speed and cross train then have Marine Corp Marathon in October...How about you?