Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lots of Miles and Tears..

So this week has been filled with lots of tears and confusion...I am at a loss for words about the Newtown tragedy and those sweet little innocent children and teachers who were so tragically killed. 
Have two young children I just cannot imagine what those parents are going through.  As I was running on the TM on Sunday CNN was showing the pictures of the victims and I kept getting choked up.  Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers Newtown, CT. 
Races2Run is hosting a Newtown Charity 5K on 12/22/12 @ 10:30am located @ Rockford Park in Wilmington, De and proceeds will go to the Sandy Hook School Support if you have a chance please attend this event!

 Sunday: 10 miles in 75 minutes with the first 6 miles of hills then the last 4 miles were on the decline. 

Monday:  10 miles in 78 minutes.  I have been extremely tense in my right shoulder since Saturday and really felt it today...luckily I was able to see my PT and get things straighten out asap.  I am the type of person who carries all my stress in my shoulder and neck especially my trapezius and scalene muscles.  RockTape has become my new bff and is so versatile!  I felt like a new person walking out of PT and felt like a weight had been lifted off my neck.
This is my tense spot!

Tuesday:  13.5 miles in 1:45..I had so much going on in my head today and I just could not shake it.  This was suppose to be 20 miles but I had to cut it short and I just could not find my relaxed form...I have been battling a head/chest cold and some emotional stuff this past week..I decided instead of risking injury and a crappy run I would listen to my body and end it @ 13.5 miles.  We also had our first lacrosse meeting today for the upcoming season so I kind of needed to shower and look presentable for the meeting!  This is such a fun sport to coach and I truly LOVE the game of lacrosse!  I gave the team fair warning that they need to start running/conditioning now so they are not shocked the first week of practice starting in March. 

Wednesday:  I attended school mass with Chase and the message really went straight to my heart  today.  With all the Christmas hustle and bustle I think sometimes we forget what Christmas is truly about and today it really made me focus on that message and put many things into prospective for me.  On Chase's Christmas list of just a few items he listed one that really was special..he wrote "Food for the poor".. I have to admit this made me so proud of my 8 yr old and I really feel like he is seeing the bigger picture and not just the material side of Christmas! ... After mass I begged Angel to come run with me today because I needed a partner in crime on this run especially after yesterday's heady run.  It was a little chilly and windy out but with great company and a good run it doesn't matter what the weather is like!   We threw in a few big hill climbs and just really enjoyed the run!  It is amazing how much running is like therapy and how it can really clear your mind and soul.  We did 8.5 miles in 66 minutes and it felt great!

 Just a few highlights of our week:

We took the boys to see the Christmas Light house!! They were super impressed!
Angel and I rocking Mizuno Wave Rider 16's today on our run!!  I cannot say it enough how much I love my Mizuno's and I am totally a Mizuno Girl!! 

I decided to give myself a manicure today!!  This is huge if you know me...I do not paint my own nails or hardly even have my nails paint but we had my Aunt Ora's birthday dinner tonight so I thought I would be festive! 

How is your week going?

Are you ready for Christmas?

Anyone racing this coming weekend?

Happy Running!

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