Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Decline Running and Mad Elf!

Monday's workout:  11.5 miles with 9 of the miles varying decline and incline...1 hour 25 minutes.  This run was HARD!  It was gorgeous outside but mentally I didn't want to battle traffic or cars or really even think about running so I ran on the good 'ol TM.  Well thank goodness for friends and distraction because I got through this run and felt great afterwards.   This run got me to thinking "why is decline running so much harder for me?"  You would think that running downhill would be easier right?!  So I found an article on it and this is what I learned:
1.  Decline running or walking on the treadmill has been used for improving leg turnover and it is beneficial for both muscle building and cardiovascular training.
2. Decline training increases leg turnover which improves the acceleration and speed and it teaches your nervous system to achieve its maximal stride rate then allow you to run faster.
3.  Increased muscle growth in leg muscles due to eccentric muscular contractions...As the muscle lengthens, but contracts from the downward movement, an eccentric action is performed.  An eccentric muscle contraction is a means of decelerating as the body moves downhill. 

4.  Start of slow and run at a slower pace when first starting decline training.  

I also saw my PT and got to try out this amazing Rock Tape and Rock Sauce!

 I occasionally get some "cracking" in my knee from where I have scar tissue build up from my laceration to me knee.  So after having the scar tissue broken down he applied Rock Sauce which feels similar to icy hot but dries like a powder and instead of a lotion then applied the Rock Tape.  I am a fan of this stuff and it truly stays in place and does not move!!  I also like that I can feel this rock sauce reactivate when it gets wet! 

Tuesday's Workout:  I met Angel for Amy's spin class and some weight lifting.  This spin class kicks my rear and makes me feel depleted when I am finished!  My weight lifting consisted of a few PT exercises but mostly watching Angel do her ab work!  I was fried after spin!  My boys were off school so basically I was at their mercy for the day.  We went to lunch with my mom and brother then did a little Christmas shopping/looking. 

Today:  Ran 9 miles outside with Angel.  This was a tempo run but we kept the miles low because we are both running the Rehoboth Beach Half marathon on Saturday and both have an idea of a goal we want.  I had a text from my friend Dawn  who was sitting in the nice and cozy Starbucks enjoying gingerbread and coffee while we were in the wind running!  This run felt pretty darn good and reconfirmed for me that my body prefers outdoor running verses the TM. 

My find of the day:

I saw a sign for Troegs and decided to stop in and was so excited to see my FAVORITE beer of all times!  If you haven't tried this I suggest you do asap!

Anyone racing this weekend?

Happy Running!


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