Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Road to Richmond...Part 1

Since I made a pact with myself to not run this week I have been cross training:  Yesterday I walked 2 miles @ 5% incline and did a weights workout.  Today: 20 minutes stairmonster followed by Cheryl's spin class ( note to self..DO SPIN MORE) then 13 miles on expresso bike.

Here we go...So after working midnight shift I was able to grab a quick 2 hour nap before we loaded up the car and headed to Richmond...We were a little later on the road then planned but such is life.  The GPS said 3hr 40 mins to get to our destination.....IT LIED!!  Since it happened to be a Friday and we had to go through D.C. we sat in traffic for close to 3 hours.  I was in rare form and my normal happy go lucky self turned into a diva.  My poor hubby took the brunt of my frustration...Sorry Danny!  We finally arrived at the expo which was pretty easy to find and had sufficient parking.  We went right in and got our bibs and shirt without having to wait at all.
Super friendly workers

The expo was definitely on the smaller side but super easy to get around and had all the running essentials...GU, Accelerade, Powerbar, samples, clothing, shoes, future races, etc....After the expo we went straight to the hotel to check in and grab dinner because we were all starving and it was almost 7 pm.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn which was about 7 miles from the race start.  Since my hubby was driving us to the start we figured this distance wouldn't be a big deal.  The hotel and staff were super nice and they even offered a hot breakfast bar as well as regular breakfast items starting at 6 am.  So after we dropped off our luggage we went out to find a place to eat.  Where we were staying did not have much of a selection since we were in the "industrial district".  We did a google search for "best pizza in Richmond" and it lead us to..
Bottoms Up on Dock St.
Danny and his well deserved beer:

Famous bread sticks!

We were so hungry that when the food came out we started grubbing right away:

This was the BEST pizza I think I have had:
Thin crust with mushrooms
The waitress here was awesome and gave us a few suggestions as to where to go post race and grab a bite to eat...Yes we were planning ahead!  After we were all stuffed and exhausted we went back to the hotel and planned for the race:
I was super excited to be racing in my Oiselle gear and representing a fabulous company!!  This is such a passion of mine and I am in love with their clothing and what the company stands for..I hope I made them proud! 

We were tucked in bed and asleep by 10:15-10:30 pm....

Rest of recap tomorrow!

Happy Running!

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