Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Cup!

Yesterday was all over the place for me!  I started off the day going to Cam's preschool Halloween parade and party then I had planned to do my speed work session but by the time I got going I couldn't get into the groove.  My pace was all over the place and I was tense most of the run...I found out some surprising family info and my mind was everywhere else but my run.  I was able to get in 9 miles in 67 minutes and tried to keep this a tempo run with a few accelerations in my speed.  My run was cut short because I had to pick up my little guy and take him to the doctor for this horrible cough he has had for a few days...I want to be sure it wasn't something too serious.  He is such a trooper and does not slow down even if he is not feeling well and he was NOT going to miss out on trick or treating ( good thing Dr. said he was OK to go ).  We had such a great time last night and enjoyed Halloween with amazing friends and family!  Chase, Cameron, Jordan and Hannah were so cute and we look forward to many more years trick or treating together. 
Post trick or treating Ghost Skater

Tickle me Elmo!

Post trick or treating Jordan and Kim

Post trick or treating Ghost Pirate!
It is amazing how quickly the kids got out of their costumes after they were done trick or treating!
Hannah switched costumes and became Aunt Stacey!  Love her!!  She was dressed up as Merida from Disney's Brave but I have her picture on my other camera and am too tired to go find it right now!

Today I planned on making up for my lack of consistency yesterday and did 5 miles with 800 meter repeats in 34 sweat fest and felt great to go fast.  I also did a kettle bell session with shoulders, biceps, triceps, lunges, squats and abs!  So glad to be done this workout.  While I was lifting I noticed the different forms and amount of weights being lifted at the gym.  I really pay close attention to my form and proper lifting but there are a lot of people out there slinging heavy weights around and with terrible form.  One kid who was 5' 4" 164 lbs lifting 315 lbs doing a set of deadlifts and felt a "burning sensation" in his groin...I am not a body builder but I know that this cannot be good!  I will stick to my sports specific weight training and hope for the best.

I was so excited to see this today:

What is your favorite weight training exercise?

Happy Running!


  1. That Starbucks sign has triggered my chocolate peppermint shake (from Chick-fil-a) reflex. Must see if they are there now.

    1. Haha! There is nothing like a good holiday treat/drink after a good run!