Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Run Before Richmond..

Wednesday was my last run before heading to Richmond for the marathon.  I had 5 miles on schedule and I was hoping this was a "good" last run before race day!  My wish came true...I did 5.60 miles in 40 minutes and felt great.  I was tempted to keep going but my new mature runner brain told me to save it for race day!  I ended up doing this run on the TM because it is FREEZING here in Delaware and raining/snow flurries.  When I got home I had a box sitting at my door:
New Wave Rider 16's
I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the Mezamashii Running Project and have to say THANK YOU to Mizuno for this amazing opportunity!  I will do a full post on these amazing shoes and get excited out there because you to could WIN a pair...Once I get back from Richmond!  If you are not familiar with Mezamashii it means brilliant or eye opening in Japanese.  Mizuno wants people/runners to capture that brilliant run by allow people to see for themselves the amazing feel of their shoes!  The customer service of Mizuno alone has me as a lifetime member!!  But more to come on this topic in a future post...Can you feel my passion about them?

I am in love with my Mizuno Wave Riders and they have helped me come back from my injury last April.  It is amazing how much better you feel when you have happy feet.  I cannot wait to give these beauties a test run but want to save them for after the Richmond Marathon.  I believe in sticking with what has worked for now especially if all is going well! 

Thursday was a rest day and I had a final check in with my PT before the race.  I am so grateful for the help I have been given with recovering and preventing further injuries!  I am feeling pretty confident and excited for this race.  Angel was in rare form today and had a ton of energy to burn so we power walked around her hood while her little man rode his bike.  What a better way to burn energy then to go shopping at BJ's Wholesale and scope out all the organic and natural products they carry!  I do not have any pictures of our shopping adventure because a certain little man was playing games on my phone.  But we had a blast!  I am working midnights tonight then we will be heading to Richmond after I get off.  I packed last night and look like I am going away for a week!!  I want to make sure I have all my bases covered  and since we are driving I can bring more. 

Anyone else racing this weekend? 

What are some of your race day essentials??

Happy Running!

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