Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Philadelphia Marathon Expo...We have a Champion

Friday Angel and I decided to take a drive to Philly to checkout the expo and geek out about all the gear.  The expo was located at the Philadelphia Convention Center and was pretty easy to get to..we parked right near Chinatown and paid $10 for 2 hours of parking.
 We walked maybe 2 minutes to the expo...this got me excited and sad at the same time!
This race sold out in September shortly after the Philadephia Rock and Roll half marathon so we waited too long to register and missed out.  Lesson learned!

This was a fairly decent sized expo with a lot of the basic running stuff plus some new and exciting products.  We saw our " iFitness belt friend" from the Richmond expo:
She is so sweet and perky!  I am a HUGE iFitness belt fan and absolutely love mine!  I have had it for about 3 years and I wear it on almost every outdoor run and race.  It has held up so well and does NOT move or cause chaffing!  I actually bought another one at the Richmond expo just to have in case mine breaks or just to have as a back up!  They are about $18 - $40 and hold so much.  I usually have my iPhone, keys, and some $$ in mine...it also hold up to 4-6 gels and you can get either with water bottles or without:

So worth it and would make the perfect Christmas gift for any runner out there!!!

Then we saw these:
Recovery Pump are boots that go from your feet to your thighs and delivers medical grade compression to help rid the muscles of fatigue, soreness and inflammation.  They zip right up and use sequential compressions to help accelerate muscle recovery...so after I got my boots on I reclined back and enjoyed the massage!  They are a local company and the owners we super nice and informative..I did grab more info on the boots and plan on looking into them more.

We also had the chance to stop by and chat with the race director of the New Jersey Marathon.  I have had my eye on this race since last year and think it would be a great PR/BQ course!  It is May 5, 2013 and sure to be a FAST/FLAT course. 
Joe ( race director ) was so friendly and spoke very highly of the course.  This was actually voted one of the "8 Spectacular Waterfront Race Destinations" by Fitbie.com.  If you register before 11/29/12 it is $95 for the full marathon or $70 for the half marathon.  There is also a half marathon relay that is $85 until 12/31/12.  What a better way to spend Cinco De Mayo then to run a race and then enjoy the Shore!!

Angel - HINT HINT!!!  I will hopefully be there cheering, volunteering or possibly running just depending on how I am after Boston.

We also met Matt from Slacklace who was awesome!  This is a great idea and I cannot wait to try out the laces Matt gave me to test out!
Matt owner of Slacklace

Look at all those colors!
Neon Green!
These laces have a little give and stretch so when your are running and your feet expand/swell they allow that space your feet need!  They allow for natural movement of your feet while running.  I am trying mine out tomorrow on my run and cannot wait!  I tend to tie my shoe laces VERY tight then the top of my feet tend to hurt toward the end of my long runs.  So I think this is going to work well for me!  I picked the neon green because my Mizunos have the same color! Meant to be..We shall see!

I also stopped by the Yurbuds booth and said Hi to Michael who was so amazing and helped my dad out in California at the Disneyland Expo... My dad raves about his Yurbuds and swears they were the best purchase!  

Great job Philadelphia Marathoners and I hope to be there PRing next year!!

On Saturday after working I squeezed in a quick run before heading to Chase's Championship football game...9 miles in 66 minutes and felt great!  It was a good thing I ran before the game because my nerves would have been shot.  His team did so well and played their little hearts out!  There is nothing better then hearing your sons name announced over the load speaker for making amazing tackles! Yup I am a total football mom... They won the championship and ended the season UNDEFEATED!!  Proud momma and wife!
Mom of #71

Amazing Coaches!!

If anyone is planning a spring marathon please checkout the New Jersey Marathon...If you register now $20 will go to Sandy relief funds!

Happy Running!!